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Tang Wulin looked down at his right hand, then turned to his friends with a sheepish look on his face, and feebly explained, "It's just explosive power."

Only then did Wu Zhangkong return to his senses. "The standard for a full-force attack from a black mecha is 35,000 kilograms. Only after reaching that standard can a mecha be rated as a black mecha. Red mechas are too special, so no strength assessment is made on them. This means that the power of that punch you just unleashed is over three times that of a black mecha."

"Boss, you're a beast in human's skin! I now understand that you already held back on Yuanen."

Indeed, there was no way to describe Tang Wulin other than to refer to him as a beast in human skin. Don't forget that he hadn't even donned his suit of battle armor yet. Furthermore, he hadn't used any of his strength enhancement soul skills, such as his Golden Dragon Body.

"Alright, let's stop there." Wu Zhangkong waved a hand.

Tang Wulin turned to him with a puzzled expression. "Why?"

A rare humanized expression of indignation appeared on Wu Zhangkong's face as he scoffed, "Why? This machine can only handle a maximum of 200,000 kilograms for force; I'm afraid you'll break it if you put on your battle armor! However, I have to give you a suggestion; improve your soul power and upgrade your battle armor as quickly as you can. Otherwise, your one-word battle armor won't be able to handle your current level of strength. In a particularly fierce clash, you could even damage your battle armor."

Even one-word battle armor couldn't handle Tang Wulin's strength?

A wry smile appeared on Yuanen Yehui's face. "I thought I'd already surpassed you, but in reality, you've only left me further behind."

Strength wasn't exactly a fearsome ability among Soul Masters as pure strength itself had far too many limitations.

However, after honing any skill or ability to an extreme extent, it would begin to defy the boundaries of logic.

Wu Zhangkong gave them another statistic. "100,000 kilograms of punching strength is the minimum threshold for power system Titled Douluos. Generally speaking, power system three-word battle armor masters can also reach this level of strength. Wulin, are you really a human being?"

Wu Zhangkong's abrupt question had Tang Wulin feeling rather awkward, and couldn't help but look down at his two hands. After absorbing the power of the Golden Dragon King seals, was he really still a human?

However, the fact that even Wu Zhangkong was so astonished acted as further testament to just how insane Tang Wulin's strength currently was.

Wu Zhangkong looked at Tang Wulin, and a gentle expression appeared in his eyes. "You've all grown up and I have nothing more to teach you. From now on, you'll be taught by the Titled Douluos of the academy."

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Teacher Wu, you..."

Wu Zhangkong waved a hand and cut him off. "You, Gu Yue, Xiaoyan, and Xie Xie have bee

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