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Scenarios like this were where Assault System Battle Soul Masters really shone. Specks of starlight began to emerge from Ye Xinglan's body, and a dazzling sword projection erupted forth as she instantly combined her body as one with her sword. She held onto Xu Lizhi with one hand, and even as the entire carriage tumbled and rolled, her body remained completely still as she hovered ever so slightly just above the ground. The rotating carriage was instantly sliced apart by the sword projection that she'd unleashed, and she rose up into the air with Xu Lizhi in tow.

Everyone else also instantly reacted. Yue Zhengyu spread open his wings, and as soon as he was thrown out of his seat, his wings had already formed a barrier to protect him. At the same time, holy light erupted from his body, forming an additional barrier of light to protect him.

Meanwhile, Yuanen Yehui's body abruptly swelled in size, and she transformed into a Titan Giant Ape while holding Xie Xie and Xu Xiaoyan in her two arms, using her massive ape body to shield them. Her massive body was crashing around within the carriage until Ye Xinglan sliced the carriage apart, upon which she was instantly catapulted outward.

The most unfortunate one among them was Tang Wulin. He was still in a deep sleep, and was completely defenseless. Even when the train had trembled for the first time, he still didn't wake up. After the train began to swerve, Tang Wulin was hurled out of his seat, crashing heavily into the opposite wall, and only then did he open his eyes, just in time to see all of his friends catapulting out of the carriage.

Tang Wulin's body tumbled around uncontrollably within the carriage, and he was still a little bleary-eyed as he quickly reached out, grabbing onto the wall with his hands.

Golden scales appeared all over his body, and he shook his head vigorously to try and make himself more conscious and alert. After that, he tore through the wall of the train with his bare hands, and he was also thrown out of the carriage as a result.

After being flung into the air, he was finally able to ascertain the current situation.

The entire soul train had been thrown off the rails and hurled into the air. The carriages split apart in mid-air before being flung away in all directions. What was even more concerning was that many people were thrown out of the cracks in the carriages by the momentum.

These normal people were not Soul Masters, and they didn't have reactions like Tang Wulin and the others. As such, almost all of them perished as soon as they were flung out of the carriages.

Tang Wulin was completely speechless.

Why? Why does this happen every time?!

How was it possible that he always encountered these strange situations when taking high-speed trains? Did all of the train accidents in the history of the federation have something to do with him? He was like the guaranteed ill omen of all soul trains!

Tang Wulin curled up into a bal

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