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Tang Wulin stepped forward and sprang up into the air. He didn't unleash his martial soul as he knew that it wouldn't help him much in this battle after witnessing his opponent's ability to transform into mist. Seeing as that was the case, it was better to refrain from unleashing his martial soul to conserve his soul power.

Tang Wulin threw a punch in mid-air, and a dragon's roar erupted from his body again. This was a very simple punch with no extra frills nor fancy tricks, but in the instant that it was unleashed, his entire body was unfurled, striking one with the impression that he was a giant dragon that had just awakened from his slumber.

His entire body was thrown behind this punch, as his right fist hurtled through the air, an area with a diameter of three meters around him turned into a dazzling golden color. In the next instant, his entire body suddenly flashed, and a golden streak of light that was several dozens of meters long appeared in the air.

The golden streak of light vanished almost as soon as it appeared, and the Evil Soul Master was able to transform his body into a cloud of mist again, but even so, he still let loose a cry of anguish. After he reverted back to his human form, his body swayed, and he plummeted to the ground.

Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

This was a technique unleashed by compressing his bloodline power to a certain point before releasing all of that power in an instantaneous devastating attack. In that state, Tang Wulin's body was virtually invincible, and he was able to concentrate all of his power to one spot, much like Ye Xinglan was able to focus her power entirely on the tip of her sword. However, there were two main limitations to this attack: it only had an effective range of 30 meters, and it could only attack in a straight line. However, the explosive attack unleashed by using this technique was three times more powerful than his normal attacks.

This was the third of Zhuo Shi's Nine Arts of the Scarlet Dragon, Dragon Takes Flight! To put it more accurately, these were the Nine Arts of the Golden Dragon to Tang Wulin, so this attack was Golden Dragon Takes Flight!

In that instant, Tang Wulin was like the true Golden Dragon King brandishing his claws in a menacing manner, determined to slay any beings who dared to stand in his path.

This was the first time that Tang Wulin had unleashed Golden Dragon Takes Flight in a real battle, and it had been extremely effective.

Not only had his soul and bloodline powers been infused into this attack, his spiritual power also played a role, so this was a technique that assaulted the enemy in all areas. As such, even after adopting his mist form, the Evil Soul Master was still affected by that attack.

After crashing down to the ground, the Evil Soul Master didn't dare to take his opponent lightly anymore. Specks of grey light began to emerge all over his body, and tree-leaf-like pieces of armor encapsulated his entire body. At

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