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Gu Yue had just informed him during that call that she was leaving, and now, Yun Ming was showing him a letter like this. All of the elation and bliss from the night before had completely disappeared, and he felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over his head.

The two most important women in his life had both left.

"This is all your fault! Na'er wouldn't have left if you hadn't broken her heart! If you don't find her, hmph!" Yun Ming harrumphed coldly, and the entire Sea God's Island seemed to have shuddered in the wake of his flaming wrath.

Tang Wulin gave himself a vicious slap to the face. He had been overwhelmed by emotions following Gu Yue's acceptance of his confession, which had led to him ignoring his little sister, and the realization that he'd driven her away filled his heart with pain.

However, even though that slap had left a bright red mark on his face, it also instantly calmed him down.

"You're Na'er's teacher, so you must be the master of the Sea God's Pavilion, right? Tang Wulin pays his respects to the pavilion master." He immediately extended a bow toward Yun Ming.

Yun Ming waved a hand in an impatient manner, and asked, "Where could Na'er be? Can you think of any places?"

A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I can't, unfortunately. It's been over three years since I was last here, so I don't know where she would go. Not only did Na'er leave, Gu Yue just called me and told me that she'd also left. I don't know whether their departures are related in any way, but I think our top priority now is to find them. We should search through every place where they possibly could've gone. Does Na'er have any friends on the Sea God's Island?"

Seeing as Tang Wulin had calmed down so quickly and hadn't completely lost his composure, Yun Ming's expression also eased slightly. "No. Na'er goes out very rarely, and she barely ever leaves the Sea God's Island without my wife and me in accompaniment, so she has no close friends. Otherwise, how could she have progressed so quickly in her cultivation at such a young age?"

Tang Wulin speculated, "I feel like their departures may have been related somehow. I have to ask my other friends to see if they know anything about Gu Yue. They're all members of Shrek's Seven Monsters, so perhaps they'll know something. Back when I was at the academy, I was always in the outer court, so I don't know much about the inner court; I'm sure they'll have more information than I do. On top of that, Gu Yue is the successor of the Spirit Pagoda, so perhaps she went to the Spirit Pagoda headquarters. I think I should go to their headquarters right away while my friends search for her elsewhere."

A peculiar look suddenly appeared on Yun Ming's face. "Did you know that Gu Yue took over as the leader of Shrek’s Seven Monsters for you? Due to her ties with the Spirit Pagoda, she couldn't become one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, but she was adamant that you'd return, so

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