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His hammers were moving so quickly that a series of afterimages were being left in their wake, completely enshrouding the piece of heavy silver. At this moment, Tang Wulin resembled a sculptor more than a blacksmith, and he seemed to be carefully carving the piece of metal into his next masterpiece.

It was exactly because of his familiarity with heavy silver that he found it easier to control it. As such, refinement of heavy silver had already become second nature to him. If he wanted to bring out all of the true characteristics in a piece of uncommon metal, or in other words, to elevate it and bestow upon it life, then he had to retain its original unique characteristics and ensure that he didn't damage it.

In the past, he would always forge metals by directly purifying them before refining them. However, Tang Wulin could now see that metals themselves possessed souls, even prior to undergoing spirit refinement. Each and every piece of uncommon metal was like a living creature, and if excessively heavy hammer blows were used during the purification process, that would inevitably inflict damage to the body of the piece of metal. Different methods could be used to strengthen the piece of metal later on, but irreversible damage had already been done at that point, and there was no way to forge the piece of metal to the extreme.

As such, if one wanted to forge a piece of uncommon metal to perfection, then they had to carefully and delicately refine it in the beginning.

An analogy could be drawn here to the human body. If a person had impurities in one of their meridians, that meridian could be compressed vigorously to expel the impurities by force. However, doing so would inevitably damage the meridian to a certain extent. If a more gentle and subtle method were to be used instead to gradually clear out the meridian, then the impurities could be refined, thereby clearing the meridian, while the meridian itself remained completely unscathed.

This was the difference between Tang Wulin's past and present forging. During the forging process, he took extreme care in controlling his forginghammers, almost caressing the piece of heavy silver rather than striking it. Furthermore, with each hammer blow that struck the piece of heavy silver, he injected a wisp of his bloodline aura into the metal so it could develop a better sense of his aura.

At his current strength, if he were to strike the piece of heavy silver with all his might, not only would the piece of metal be reduced to a pancake, even his forging hammers could fall apart from the enormous force of the impact.

This was also an important reason why he had to be very careful during the forging process.

At this point, he'd completely immersed himself in his craft, and it took him three times the amount of time that was normally required to complete hundred refinement. If one were to carefully assess the piece of heavy silver, they'd discover that the Tang Wulin's puri

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