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Gu Yue had left because she had no other choice. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been in so much pain before. Senior Disciple Sister Xu Mi'er was right. He wasn't able to keep her because he was too weak.

He reflexively tightened his grasp around the silver scale in his hand, and he felt its sharp edges, he took a deep breath. Power was now his number one pursuit.

Gu Yue, wait for me! No matter how many obstacles stand in our way, we'll overcome them together. Wait for me to become more powerful!

With that in mind, Tang Wulin pulled out his soul communicator before dialing a number.

"Xinglan, can you come over to my place for a bit? Also, tell everyone there's no need to keep looking. I've searched through every place she could possibly be during the past few days. She's intentionally avoiding us, so there's no way that we can find her."


A vast expanse of white mist lay in the distance.

Gu Yue stood in silence on a platform that was hovering in mid-air. Behind her stood the majestic Spirit Pagoda.

This was the highest point of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters, and it was known as the Cloud-scaling Platform.

She had been standing there for a very long time, and her right hand remained in front of her chest the entire time, as if she were holding something to herself.

"It hurts so much, but why do I enjoy this kind of pain? Is this what love is?"

At this moment, she'd reverted back to her original appearance with black hair and black eyes. She wore a long white dress, and it was quite apparent from the golden patterns running along the edge of the dress, as well as the badge on her chest, that she'd already become an extremely important figure in the Spirit Pagoda.

She slowly spread open her hand to reveal a shimmering golden rhomboid scale sitting atop her palm. The scale was connected to a thin golden chain, and four layers of vibrant patterns stacked on top of one another could be seen on the surface of the scale. One side of the scale was curved inward, thereby making it resemble a miniature shield.

She carefully strung the necklace around her own neck, and it trailed down her chest behind the collar of her dress.

She cast her gaze toward the distance in the direction that Shrek Academy stood.

"Are you still unwilling to part with him?" A gentle voice sounded from behind her.

Gu Yue hurriedly turned around, and she didn't even have to look to know who had arrived behind her. She immediately extended a respectful bow, and greeted, "Teacher."

Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu slowly made her way over to her. "Shrek Academy is indeed a place that's full of allure, but seeing as you've chosen to leave, you shouldn't second-guess your decision. Are you unwilling to part with the academy or someone attending the academy?"

Gu Yue shuddered upon hearing this. "How did you know?"

Leng Yaozhu smiled, and said, "How could I not know? It's the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention

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