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What was next? It was the process of soul refinement solidification. Following the completion of that step, 70% of the soul refinement process would've been completed. Only the final soul summoning would be required before success was achieved in soul refinement.

It was undoubtedly the case that heavy silver was one of the easiest uncommon metals to forge, but a soul refined piece of heavy silver would still fetch an astronomical price! After soul refinement, a piece of uncommon metal could no longer be referred to as such. Instead, it would become a true spirit item!

The frequency of Tang Wulin's hammer blows began to increase, and his blood essence power was so immense that he still showed no signs of tiring at all. Instead, the golden light radiating from his body only became brighter and brighter.

At this point, the piece of heavy silver had already turned completely golden in color, and dragon roars rang out from within it alongside the clear soul refinement resonance. These were all very positive signs.

All of a sudden, the golden piece of heavy silver shuddered violently, and it suddenly jumped up from the forging bench.

"Look out! That's the shock of life! It's trying to get away!"

Metals that had been given life would attain intelligence at some point during the soul refinement process. At that moment, it would become extremely panicked as it didn't want to be controlled by humans, and it would try to run away. If it were to escape from the control of the blacksmith, then its soul would quickly fade away as it hadn't completely solidified yet, thereby making it revert back to the spirit refinement stage. At that point, it would be impossible to complete soul refinement with that piece of metal again.

Tang Wulin remained unflustered as he let loose a cold cry. "Get back here!"

His third golden soul ring abruptly lit up as he spoke, and the piece of golden heavy silver shuddered before falling back down onto the forging bench amid a loud clang.

This was his Golden Dragon's Roar!

This piece of heavy silver already possessed Tang Wulin's bloodline aura, and in the face of the intimidation from Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King bloodline, it was completely powerless to resist.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath before raising his hammers and bringing them down again. He had already begun the next step: soul solidification!

The golden light emanating from Tang Wulin's eyes became tinged with purple, and as he brought his hammers down over and over again, he was releasing less bloodline aura, but increasing his output of spiritual power. Two bursts of purplish-golden light erupted from his eyes, each of which was around a foot in length. He was using a spiritual attack from his Purple Demon Eyes directly on this piece of metal.

The shuddering from the piece of heavy silver immediately began to subside, and in the face of Tang Wulin's spiritual attack and forging hammers, the golden color on its sur

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