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Na'er appraised Tang Wulin with a gentle look in her eyes, and in that instant, it was as if he were the only person she could see. "But in order to become a Soul Master, you'd need soul spirits, which cost a lot of money. Our family wasn't very wealthy, despite the fact that our parents really did work very hard, so you took up forging at just six years of age. I recall when you first started that you were so tired after returning home every day, you couldn't even muster up any facial expressions. You'd always slump straight onto the bed, and you couldn't even hear me when I tried to talk to you. However, you didn't give up. You continued to practice forging, and after receiving your wages, you'd use all of it that you didn't save up to buy lollies for me. I still remember those lollies; they were really really sweet. Do you remember how I asked you one day if you'd miss me if I were to go away?"

Tang Wulin listened to Na'er's words in an entranced manner, and his mind wandered back to his childhood home where he'd lived over a decade ago.


My aspirations lie among the stars.

He was a fair-skinned young boy with black eyes and black hair, and he traveled to Eastsea City alone, wading into the unknown with nothing more than his hopes and dreams.

He had his trash martial soul, Bluesilver Grass, and his pitiful rank three innate soul power. In that massive city, he was like an insignificant grass seed drifting around, trying to achieve the dreams he held dear to his heart.

When other kids of his age were still basking in the love and adoration of their parents, he had already lost his home.

"If I were to leave one day, would you miss me?"

"Of course I would. I would miss you very very much."

The cool balmy breeze in the night massaged his cheeks, and a warm sensation welled up in his heart, and he smiled. This was not a wry smile, but instead, a reminiscent one.

In his heart, that silver-haired girl had never strayed far away. She was always tucked away in a certain corner of his memories, standing under the sunset, calling him "Big Brother" in her sweet voice.

I am Tang Wulin; my aspirations lie among the stars.

When an ordinary seed grows into a lush grassland, would I be able to reunite with you?


"Big Brother, I like you; I love you. I'm willing to spend every single moment of the rest of my life by your side. Can you let me love you? I'm serious." Na'er's expression was indeed very serious, so serious that even Atlas Douluo was rather stunned by her resolve.

Ripples began to surge through Tang Wulin's heart, which had just been plunged into complete despair not long ago. If he had to pick the most important woman in his life, then he honestly wouldn't be able to make a choice between his mother, Na'er, and Gu Yue.

However, never did he think that Na'er would say something like this to him in front of so many people during the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention.


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