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Tang Wulin could feel that the natural energies surging through his surroundings were far richer than those on the Sea God's Island. In particular, the rich life force energy in the air made him draw in deep breaths in a reflexive manner, and soul power immediately flowed through his entire body, basking him in a sensation of indescribable comfort. His Bluesilver Emperor martial soul was also transmitting signals of excitement to him.

Yun Ming turned to Tang Wulin, and said, "This is the Sea God's Pavilion, which was constructed within this massive tree, and it's also the core of Shrek City. This tree is known as the Golden Tree, and it's blessed Shrek City for over 20,000 years. Whenever Shrek City has encountered any major crises, this tree has always protected us. Whenever exceptional prodigies have appeared, this tree has always given us wisdom and direction. The old man that you saw is the tree spirit of this Golden Tree, the true guardian of Shrek Academy, and even we have never been able to meet him. I don't know what Elder Jin did to you, but I could sense that 30% of the energy within the Golden Tree has disappeared. This is the first time that all of the plants on the Sea God's Island have taken on a golden color."

Yun Ming paused momentarily before continuing, "I can also tell you that back when the Thousand Hands Douluo, Tang San, became a god, he constructed this Sea God's Island prior to departing to the Divine Realm, and he was the one who transferred the ancient Golden Tree to this place. Do you understand now why we're convinced that you're a direct lineal descendant of his?"

Tang Wulin listened to Yun Ming's words in a dumbstruck manner. Even he was beginning to realize that perhaps his martial soul really was related to the founder of the Tang Sect, Tang San! But Tang San was a mighty figure who lived over 20,000 years ago! How was this possible?

Zhuo Shi chuckled, "Regardless of whether there's a bloodline connection or not, this is definitely a good thing. Elder Jin's assistance will naturally be of great benefit to Wulin."

"You think this is a good thing?" Yun Ming glared at Zhuo Shi, and said, "It's obviously a good thing for him, but do you know how long it'll take for the Golden Tree to accumulate 30% of its power? 3,000 years! 30% of the Golden Tree's power is enough to protect Shrek Academy from a catastrophic disaster! This is an immeasurable loss to our entire academy."

"Er..." A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he looked at the furious Yun Ming.

"But I don't know how to return this energy back to the Golden Tree!"

Yun Ming instructed, "Release your Bluesilver Emperor martial soul; I want to take a look at it."


Tang Wulin hurriedly did as he was told, activating his soul power to release his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul.

Thick bluish-golden vines erupted from the ground beneath his feet alongside a series of soul rings. Four soul rings appeared first, c

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