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"Teleportation and plant control, eh? Good, those are two more facets of this soul skill's abilities," Yun Ming nodded to himself in a contemplative manner as he mused, "Which means that if you can fully control this soul skill, you'll have attained teleportation abilities within a set area, the ability to control all plants within that area, and a significant temporary boost in your soul power, is that correct?"

Tang Wulin replied, "That seems to be the case. However, I can't really control the soul skill. I could only sense this much before I completely blacked out."

Yun Ming nodded, and said, "It's already quite remarkable that you were able to sense this much. From now on, don't even think about using this soul skill until you attain your eighth soul ring and get your spiritual power up to the Spirit Domain realm."

Tang Wulin faltered upon hearing this. "So you're saying I won't be able to unleash this soul skill unless I possess the soul power of a Soul Douluo?"

Yun Ming replied, "That's right. At least, that's my assessment from the amount of soul power that I had to inject into your body at the time. It's good a thing that you cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Method; if you want to forcibly unleash this soul skill, you'll only be able to do so with other people who've also cultivated the Mysterious Heaven Method injecting their soul power into your body. However, most people can't control their soul power output to the extent that only pure soul power without any attributes from their martial souls is transmitted. Hence, don't attempt this unless you absolutely have to. Otherwise, the attributes from the martial souls of others will affect you, and that could even cause deviations in your cultivation."

Of course, Yun Ming was an exception to this. With his immense power and control, it was naturally a simple task to ensure the output of soul power in its purest form, but that didn't apply to most other people.

Tang Wulin gulped upon hearing this. Spirit Domain realm spiritual power? That still seemed to be very far away from him! On top of that, who knew how long it would take until he became an eight-ring Soul Douluo?Unfortunately, this soul skill clearly couldn't be fuelled using his blood essence power. As such, as opposed to becoming excited by the fact that he'd obtained such a powerful soul skill, Tang Wulin was feeling rather dejected.

Regardless of how good this soul skill was, there was no point in its existence if he couldn't use it! If he had to wait until becoming a Soul Douluo to use this fifth soul skill, then it wouldn't be able to enhance his power in any way in the immediate future, which made it a rather useless skill for now.

Furthermore, even if he were to use it in the future, he'd have to get his spiritual power up to the Spirit Domain realm first, and that was certainly not going to be a simple task.

The Spirit Abyss realm was already the upper limit for the vast majority of Soul

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