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Yun Ming had cast a massive shadow over the entire Spirit Pagoda, and it was exactly because of this that the Spirit Pagoda had been forced to destroy Shrek Academy at all costs.

He definitely couldn't allow Tang Wulin to become the next Yun Ming!

A hint of killing intent surfaced in Qiangu Dongfeng's eyes, and he was already considering how he was going to target Tang Wulin after crushing Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin's greatest asset wasn't his power. Instead, it was his heavenly refinement ability. At this rate, all of the most powerful beings of Shrek Academy would most likely attain full suits of four-word battle armor in no more than 10 years.

Divine Blacksmith Zhen Hua was already too old to produce large quantities of divine-grade metals, so Tang Wulin was definitely going to monopolize that market in the future. Unlike Zhen Hua, he wasn't the chairman of the blacksmith association, so he wasn't required to offer his services to other powers. Just like how the Spirit Pagoda was planning to refuse to provide soul spirits to the students and teachers of Shrek Academy, Tang Wulin could refuse to provide the Spirit Pagoda with divine-grade metals.

Seeing as there was no way for him to win over Tang Wulin, he had to destroy this threat as quickly as possible.

Tang Wulin was naturally unaware of what Qiangu Dongfeng was thinking. Even if he didn't, he wouldn't be fearful in the slightest anyway. He was no longer the fragile little hatching who could perish at any moment; he was already a majestic eagle soaring through the heavens. It was not going to be easy to target him.

Qiangu Qingfeng retreated slightly, and countless projections erupted out of his Purgatory Halberd to nullify the Fury of the Masses.

Right at this moment, a gentle guzheng tune rang out again.

Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Roar could only last a short time, but the guzheng could be played continuously. The notes being played by the guzheng were like a series of weapons that were imbued with chilling intent, surging toward Tang Wulin from all sides to affect his mind and actions.

Even though these weren't actual attacks, they were severely debilitating him.

Strangely enough, Yali was standing still on the spot, displaying no intention to involve herself in this match.

As a result, this had become a one-on-two battle.

A hint of fury flashed through Qiangu Qingfeng's eyes as he raised his Purgatory Halberd high up into the air.

He had naturally also noticed that Yali hadn't been doing anything this entire time. Could it be that she was planning to let this Hyper Douluo brat take on both him and his wife?

A burst of purplish-black light erupted from the Purgatory Halberd, illuminating Qiangu Qingfeng's entire body, and another Nether Slash was unleashed, but this one was thrice the size of the previous one.

Tang Wulin had already dragged his soul back into his own body after forcing back his opponent with his Fury of the

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