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Yun Ming focused his gaze up ahead as he sat on the boat, and he suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

At the very least, his precious disciple hadn't chosen that man from the Star Luo Empire. The one that she had chosen was... Tang Wulin?

This name appeared in everyone's minds in an instant, and following a brief silence, the spectators on the shore broke out into an even louder commotion. All of the male participants were glowering at him, doing their best to try and kill him with their eyes.

Among the female participants, Wu Siduo's expression immediately stiffened, and Dai Yun'er's mouth gaped open before her brows became tightly furrowed.

Girl Number 17, who was still wearing her veil, shuddered, but she quickly recovered her composure. During the one minute timeframe she'd been given to remove her veil, she had refrained from doing so, so she was the only one who still hadn't taken off her veil.

After a brief stunned stupor, Tang Wulin came to his senses, and he didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. This little sister of his was trying to get him killed!

Tang Wulin couldn't help but ruffle her hair at the sight of her cheeky smile. "You little rascal."

"Heehee," Na'er giggled as she stuck out her tongue at him.

His eyes were filled with doting affection, while her smile was filled with bliss. Their interaction was a horrendous act of dog abuse! [Once again, for those who've forgotten, in Chinese pop culture, there's a jokingly derogatory term for single people, which is 单身狗, which literally translates to single dog. Any public displays of affection in front of single people is therefore jokingly referred to as dog abuse as it's basically couples flaunting their love and happiness in front of single people.] The soul rings beneath the feet of the inner court male disciples began to glow even brighter. If it weren't for the fact that all of the Sea God's Pavilion elders were present on that boat in the distance, they'd most likely have mobbed Tang Wulin already.

Tang Wulin whispered, "Causing trouble for fun, are we?"

Na'er pouted in response. "How am I causing trouble? Can't I choose you? Or do you want me to choose someone else?"

Tang Wulin harrumphed, "I'll get you for this after the convention, you little rascal!"

Yun Ming wore a surprised expression as he sat on the boat. "She chose Tang Wulin? Aren't they brother and sister?"

Not many people were aware that Tang Wulin and Na'er were siblings, but he was one of them. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali interjected, "I once asked Na'er about this, and it seems that they're not actually related by blood. I think they make a good match. Only Wulin is a match for Na'er in my eyes."

"Hmph!" Yun Ming harrumphed coldly, and he was appraising Tang Wulin with the expression of a displeased father-in-law.

Yali liked Tang Wulin a lot. He was kind and brave, and his outstanding performance on that soul train that had been held up by terrorists left

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