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Dai Yun'er hurriedly replied, "Black One, we found the dragon tomb, and inside was a massive seven-colored being that Brother Three speculates could be the dragon soul of the Dragon God. The dragon-type aura in there was too much for me to bear, so I immediately fell unconscious, and I don't know what happened after that."

The dragon tomb? Many of the agents' eyes lit up as they heard this. However, their expressions then quickly fell again. Even if the dragon tomb truly did exist, there was no point thinking about it anyways as the entire Dragon Valley small world had already ceased to exist.

Black One's brows were tightly furrowed as he fell completely silent.

"Where's Brother Three? Everyone came back, so where is he?" Dai Yun'er asked in an elated manner. They had found the dragon tomb! At this moment, she didn't really care all that much whether she was going to receive a dragon soul bone; all she hoped for was that Tang Wulin had reaped some benefits from the dragon tomb.

Black One remained silent.

"What is it?" Dai Yun'er looked around at everyone with confusion in her eyes, but a hint of realization quickly appeared on her face as she said, "Oh, I see, Brother Three still hasn't come out, right? That makes sense; he's so exceptional that it's only right for him to be able to last longer than all of us."

Black One sighed as he shook his head, and revealed, "White Seven, we've already lost connection with the Dragon Valley small world, so it's most likely already collapsed." There was no point in prolonging the pain; the truth had to come out sooner or later, even though he could already sense that this princess seemed to have developed feelings for Tang Wulin that went beyond camaraderie.

Dai Yun'er faltered slightly upon seeing this before abruptly screaming, "That's impossible! It's not true! He's like a fish in water in the Dragon Valley, and the power of his bloodline can intimidate all dragon souls. He's the blessed child of the Dragon Valley, and without him, there's no way we would've been able to find the dragon tomb; how could he have failed to identify that the small world was collapsing? He managed to help me escape, so he must be capable of returning as well. Try contacting the Dragon Valley small world again; you must've made a mistake the first time."

Black One shook his head, and said, "Please calm down, White Seven. You've learned about small worlds prior to coming here, so you should be aware of what it means for connection to a small world to be lost."

"No! This is impossible! Argh!" Dai Yun'er's screams echoed throughout the entire valley.


After an indeterminate period of time had passed, Tang Wulin slowly regained consciousness. His entire body was in agony, and he felt as if he'd been torn apart at the seams.

In summary, it was not a good feeling. His memory blanked out at the point where he'd laid the tip of his Golden Dragon Spear onto the giant dragon soul.


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