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However, even the powerful Tang Sect was unable to ascertain the situation in that small world. That was a change in space and time itself, and it was already quite extraordinary that they'd been able to make use of a small world like that one, but it was beyond their capabilities to try and recover it.

As such, they waited for another month in vain, and this was the day that they had to go back.

Gu Yue stood in silence at the bow of the ship, casting her gaze into the distance in a certain direction. Ever since Tang Wulin had parted with them, she'd become a lot less talkative, and following Tang Wulin's disappearance, she'd become even more withdrawn, to the point where she would often go an entire day without speaking.

Everyone else wished that they could do something, but it was certainly far beyond their capabilities to find a lost small world, so they had no idea what they could do.

"Nothing bad ever happens to good people; I'm sure our captain is fine," Yue Zhengyu sighed.

Xu Xiaoyan pouted, and said, "If we'd known that this trip would be so fraught with trouble, we should've never come in the first place."

Yuanen Yehui sighed, "What's the point of saying something like that now? What's happened has already happened. I just don't know why he decided to leave rather than stay with us."

Everyone reflexively turned to Gu Yue as this subject was brought up again.

No one knew exactly what had happened, but they could sense that Tang Wulin's departure most likely had something to do with Gu Yue. It was just that neither of them had said anything, so they could only continue to speculate.

Xie Xie couldn't help but ask, "Gu Yue, Wulin's been gone for such a long time; aren't you worried about him at all?"

Gu Yue turned to him and suddenly said, "He'll be fine."

Tears immediately welled up in Xie Xie's eyes upon hearing this. "What do you mean he'll be fine? He's been gone for so long, yet you've done nothing aside from shutting yourself off from everyone! We all tried our best to find him, but you haven't said a single word. You weren't like this back when we were at the academy; why have you become like this?"

"That's enough," Yuanen Yehui urged as she tugged on Xie Xie's sleeve.

Xie Xie's emotional outburst was slightly irrational, but his words really did echo the thoughts of his companions; Gu Yue really had changed ever since they'd come to the Star Luo Continent.

However, Gu Yue seemed to have been completely unaffected by Xie Xie's outburst, and she merely murmured to herself, "I'll wait for him until he returns to Shrek Academy."


"Huff, huff, huff, huff!" Tang Wulin was gasping for air, but his eyes were filled with excitement.

The entire dragon tomb had been emptied aside from one final skeleton, which was also the largest skeleton of all, the one that belonged to the Mountain Dragon King.

Not only was the Mountain Dragon King's skeleton downright colossal, each

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