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Xu Lizhi rolled his eyes in response. "I've got my eyes set on both Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan, and I'm currently thinking about which one I should confess to."

"Do you want to die?" Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie both exclaimed in unison.

Xu Lizhi burst into laughter at the sight of their menacing expressions. "You two are looking more and more like a couple."

After that, he squeezed out the door and sped away as quickly as he could.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu glanced at one another before the latter abruptly sprang backward, and warned, "You better keep your distance from me!"

"Piss off! This is my room!"

News of Dai Yun'er and Long Yue's arrival quickly spread through the entire inner court, and they were also made aware of the fact that these two were going to be studying alongside them during the upcoming period of time.

Others didn't know much about him, but this generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were very familiar with him.

Long Yue was like an insurmountable figure in their hearts that had left an extremely profound impression on them. If it weren't for Tang Wulin's bloodline intimidation, Gu Yue's earth element seal, and the final Divine Dragon Transformation, they wouldn't have been able to defeat such a fearsome opponent.

Following the competition, even Wu Zhangkong had admitted that he couldn't ensure victory against Long Yue in a one-on-one battle. Such glowing praise naturally only further accentuated just how powerful this freakish prodigy of the Star Luo Empire was.

"What did you say?!" Xu Xiaoyan's scream was audible even from several hundred meters away.

Not only her, but all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were also staring at the two people before them with dumbstruck expressions on their faces.

They had finally met Dai Yun'er and Long Yue, who had come all the way here from afar, and the two of them revealed a piece of astonishing news to everyone.

"It's true," Dai Yun'er had an earnest look in her eyes as she said, "Not long ago, we'd received news that Tang Wulin is returning to the Douluo Continent from the Tang Sect headquarters in Star Luo City on a long-distance ferry supplied by the Tang Sect. Traveling by sea is quite unpredictable, but the Tang Sect's long-distance ferries have always been quite reliable. The two of us hurried over as we heard this news; has he still not come back yet?"

All of the members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, with the exception of Gu Yue, were completely shocked to hear this news.

"He's not dead? Captain's still alive? He survived even after the small world collapsed?" Xie Xie exclaimed as he suddenly leaped into the air with unbridled excitement.

Yue Zhengyu also swung an arm through the air in an elated manner.

Dai Yun'er's eyes were shimmering with a peculiar light. "I was also really shocked to hear this. I always thought that he'd already... Thank heavens he's still alive. I'm sure the information from the Tang Sect is reliable, so

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