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"Please begin, Boy Number 38," Lan Muzi announced as he glanced at the number Tang Yinmeng had drawn. Boy Number 38 was someone whom Tang Wulin was familiar with. This was his former classmate, Luo Guixing

Luo Guixing's lotus leaf drifted to the front of the group, and he wore a warm smile as he said, "I've noticed that more people have made confessions today than those who've displayed their powers. It makes sense, considering how familiar everyone is with one another, and many of us have come to this convention already with targets in mind. Seeing as that's the case, why don't I add to this growing list? I'm also going to deliver a confession."

Luo Guixing cast his gaze toward the other side of the lake and hesitated momentarily before continuing, "Firstly, I must apologize to my good friend, Xu Yucheng. My number was drawn first, and from that perspective, I'm luckier than you are today. During these past years, we've both been infatuated with the same woman, and we've always been competing with one another, but that has never affected our close bond. I still regard him as a cherished brother of mine, but there are some things that you can't relinquish, even to your brothers. Seeing as the God of Luck has cast his blessings down on me, I must take advantage of this opportunity, and for that, I'm sorry, my brother."

His words immediately piqued everyone's interest. This was a love triangle that involved a pair of good friends!

Tang Wulin reflexively cast his gaze toward Wu Siduo. If there were one person that both Luo Guixing and Xu Yucheng were infatuated with, then it could only be Wu Siduo.

Sure enough, Wu Siduo was standing on her lotus leaf with her brows slightly furrowed.

"I've liked you for a long time; ever since we lost to Wulin and the others. At the time, all of us were quite young, so my feelings were rather murky, but I quickly came to learn what it meant to have a crush on someone. Back where we came from, I was always the best. After entering the Genius Youths Ranking, my confidence became even more inflated. However, only after coming did I realize that the so-called Genius Youths Ranking was nothing more than bulllsh*t. This realization spurred me on to work harder so I could constantly progress and better myself. Throughout this process, you've always been by my side. I was very fortunate to have been a member of class one and to have met so many powerful classmates. All of you encouraged me to push my limits and constantly pursue self-improvement. I'm even luckier to have been able to meet you. Before I know it, both of us have come of age, and here on this Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, I don't want to repress my own feelings any longer. No matter how busy we are with our current lives and cultivation, I want to be with you, Wu Siduo; please give me a chance."

Luo Guixing's confession was very transparent and concise without any extra frills and embellishments, but it was also very genui

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