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Yali's life force had been replenished by Yun Ming. He possessed the greatest aptitude out of anyone in this world, and his immense powers granted him a longer lifespan, but he shared half of his life force with her.

After that, he had constantly stayed by her side, and he often joked that she was his bride whom he'd stolen from the clutches of death.

An extremely lavish wedding had been held for them, one that had shocked the entire federation.

Yali didn't originally belong to Shrek Academy. In fact, she had been groomed by the federation to be the future successor that was supposed to take over a mysterious organization, but Yun Ming had taken her without any regard for all of that. As a result, he made the entire mysterious organization his enemy, and the two had clashed in about a dozen or so battles, during which Yun Ming defeated all of the most powerful beings in that mysterious organization on his own. He had kept Yali by his side with his unfathomable power.

In order to protect him, Yali had even told him that she had no feelings for him, but Yun Ming only told her that time would change everything.

In the end, no one was able to take Yali away from him, but Yali's heart had been taken captive by him.

This was a piece of history that had shocked the entire continent, over 100 years ago, and it was also through that battle that the Atlas Doulou truly forged a resounding reputation for himself.

In order to target him, the mysterious organization under the control of the federation deployed three red mechas, all of which were destroyed by him in a span of less than 10 minutes. During that battle, his spear had torn through the heavens, and the enormous spatial fluctuations that had resulted had almost destroyed the entirety of Bright City, which was where the parliament was situated.

At the time, he announced that no one could stop him. If the heavens stood in his way, then he would vanquish the heavens; if the earth were to rise up against him, then he would split the earth. All those who stood against him would be slain, regardless of whether they were man or god!

It was none other than this man who had cemented the status of Shrek City on this continent. After careful research that was conducted by the federation, it was determined that Shrek City was the only place currently in this world that couldn't be threatened by any soul technology.

From that day forth, Yun Ming truly became the atlas of Shrek Academy, carrying the academy and Shrek City on his shoulders, and making the academy an entity that even the federation had to be wary of.

This was the epic love story between the Atlas Douluo and the Holy Spirit Douluo, but their relationship in the next century or so had been very peaceful.

It was a tumultuous yet exhilarating beginning that led to a warm and happy marriage.

As such, no one could take Yun Ming away from Yali no matter how much they loved him, not even the likes of the

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