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A smug look had only just appeared on the face of the male students who'd landed on the front row first when he felt a burst of immense force surging toward him. He was immediately sent flying as a result, and the burly man took his place.

Thus, fierce competition commenced for all of the spots, and a spectacular show was put on by all the male disciples. Their potent soul power fluctuations were sending waves erupting over the surface of the lake, but in contrast, the female students were a lot less inclined to compete over spots. In fact, they were even politely offering spots to one another before landing on the lotus leaves in a much more civilized manner.

All of the participants were inner court disciples who were extremely powerful, so even though physical contact and soul skills were prohibited, they still put on a marvelous spectacle to behold.

After all of the students had landed on a lotus leaf each, everyone was finally able to ascertain the number of participants. Just like in all of the past editions of the Sea God Fate Match-making Convention, there were clearly fewer female students than male students, thereby creating the usual disparity in numbers. There was no helping that; men simply had superior overall aptitude when it came to cultivating as Soul Masters, and this applied to Shrek Academy.

There was a total of 51 male students, and this was quite a large number considering only single disciples of a suitable age range were eligible for participation. In contrast, there were only 31 female participants. The lotus leaves beneath their feet had all been illuminated by the underwater lights, basking their bodies in a mysterious glow. Around them was the rippling surface of the Sea God's Lake, while pillars of light stood underfoot. A large number of lights were illuminated in the water around all of the participants following their arrival, and in that instant, the surface of the Sea God's Lake had become a dazzling stage.

During this event, many of them were going to find their true love, and those were perhaps bonds that would last a lifetime.

Lan Muzi smiled and crossed his arms as he announced, "Alright, everyone's all here now. If you can still identify someone despite how you're all dressed, then it has to be true love. However, I feel like that's probably rather implausible. At the very least, I was unable to identify anyone back when I took part in this event."

Indeed, it was very difficult to identify anyone when their entire bodies and faces had been concealed. They could only make observations before everyone had stepped onto the lotus leaves, but at the time, everyone was too busy competing for spots, so they simply didn't have time to observe the other side.

The female students were all wearing the same dresses, and most of them were very slender, so the only difference that could be spotted between them was their heights. On top of that, they were also wearing large veiled bamboo ha

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