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Is this all meant to be? Why can't I kill him? Could this be the biggest obstacle to the Dragon God's reawakening? Why? Why does it have to be like this?

I should kill him! After I do that, nothing will be able to stop me. If I kill him, I'll be able to...

But I can't do it! It's so simple, but I just can't do it!

As the dragon soul of the Dragon God gradually became more and more insubstantial, two rhomboid crystals began to appear at the very center of the dragon soul's body. The two crystals hovered in mid-air, and one of them was golden while the other was silver in color. Both of them were radiating halos of seven-colored light.

In the sky above, one dragon cloud after another quickly surged toward this place while countless dragon souls jumped down the sides of the valley in a frenzy, like moths to a flame.

All of them transformed into a part of this rainbow energy that continued to inject itself into the enormous silver dragon.

The gargantuan silver dragon had countless cracks all over its scales, but with the influx of this rainbow light, those cracks slowly began to heal over. At the same time, a layer of enamel similar to the one that had appeared on Tang Wulin's body began to surface over her skin. However, this layer of enamel was seven-colored in her case, rather than invisible, as was the case for Tang Wulin.

In the end, after the final wisp of rainbow light vanished into the silver dragon's body, it raised its head and roared up into the heavens, making the entire small world tremor violently as a result.

A terrifying aura erupted from her body, causing all of the rock faces around the valley to collapse and cave in.

The gargantuan silver dragon slowly shrank down before reverting back into a silver-haired young woman. She drifted over to the two crystals in a flash, then raised a hand to grab onto the silver one before pressing it against her chest.

After that, she turned toward Tang Wulin, who was still lying unconscious in the distance, and she took a deep breath before abruptly swatting the golden crystal directly toward him.

"The day I muster up the courage to kill you will be the day the human race is destroyed!" Her cold voice echoed throughout the collapsed valley as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

The golden crystal landed on Tang Wulin's chest before vanishing in a flash, and the silver-haired woman took a step forward, upon which she abruptly vanished as if she'd stepped into space itself.

In the sky above, the massive spatial rift in the small world was trembling violently.

The burly bald man turned to the black-haired man, and asked, "I can't hold on for much longer; the laws of this world are too strong! What do we do, Boss?"

The black-haired man harrumphed coldly in response. "We have to hold on until the end even if it costs us our lives! Can you not feel it? Our lord has already found that place. There's no mistaking it; that's the aura of the D

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