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He transmitted his will into the earth, and the entire dragon tomb tremored slightly. His eyes were closed so he couldn't see anything, but there were dense bursts of light erupting from the ground all around him. There were lights of all types of different colors, and in the end, they combined as one to form a rainbow halo that silently revolved around his body.

A gentle feeling of intimacy surrounded his entire body, and he felt as if he could hear the cries of countless dragons, all of which were filled with joy and elation rather than grief and indignation.

In the end, this rainbow light converged to form a water-droplet-shaped crystal that contained nine different colors within. The crystal drifted down onto Tang Wulin's right wrist, and a thin nine-colored chain appeared, strapping the crystal to his wrist.

All of a sudden, Tang Wulin's body shuddered, and he felt as if his spiritual world had been smashed open! His spiritual power, which had been stagnant for a long time, suddenly began to increase at a rapid rate.

This process didn't last a very long time, but Tang Wulin was suddenly struck by the feeling that his horizons had broadened. Even though he still had his eyes closed, he could sense everything around him with brilliant clarity.

He could sense that all of the bones in his torso, including his spine, his breastbone, and his ribs, were all glowing with a dazzling light. It was as if a crystalline suit of armor had been fitted onto those bones, filling him with an indescribable sense of power.

This was a torso bone!

The Mountain Dragon King had given him a torso bone.

Among the soul bones that Soul Masters could fuse into their bodies, there were a few types that were the most valuable.

Without taking into consideration the ages of the soul bones, head bones, torso bones, and external soul bones were the rarest and also the most precious.

External soul bones were extremely valuable as they could exist independently outside of the six most common types of soul bones, and they were exceedingly rare.

In contrast, head bones and torso bones brought the greatest enhancements to Soul Masters, and they were also the most difficult to obtain.

Among the descendants of the Dragon God, the Mountain Dragon King possessed the most powerful defensive prowess, so its torso bone was undoubtedly one of the most exceptional torso bones anyone could hope to obtain. With the addition of this torso bone, Tang Wulin's defensive prowess would be elevated to a whole new level. This could even make it a lot easier for him to withstand the influxes of energy from breaking Golden Dragon King seals in the future.

Aside from sensing the fact that he'd obtained a new soul bone, Tang Wulin continued to extend his consciousness outward, and everything around him appeared in his mind with brilliant clarity, even though his eyes remained firmly shut.

This indicated that his spiritual power seemed to have asc

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