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Thus, Tang Wulin spent some contribution points to get onto the cargo ferry that was traveling toward the Douluo Continent.

Along the way, the ferry was attacked by sea soul beasts a few times, so there were a few slight delays, but he was finally back now!

This was the feeling of returning home, and it was a fantastic feeling. Never did Tang Wulin think that he'd fall so heavily in love with Shrek Academy.

After downing 10 bowls of noodles, he managed to repress his excitement somewhat.

With everyone's powers and aptitudes, they should all be in the inner court already. More than three years have passed, so they've most likely all become one-word battle armor masters, but I'm still...

Tang Wulin couldn't help but feel rather dejected as this thought occurred to him.

During the three years he'd spent in the Dragon Valley, his blood essence had improved drastically, and his body had also become incredibly powerful. However, his soul power had been sealed for over three years, and it hadn't advanced in the slightest. As such, he was still just a four-ring Soul Ancestor. Perhaps it was simply due to the passage of time, but he'd progressed slightly to rank 44.

A 15-year-old rank 44 Soul Ancestor was already considerably powerful, but he was about to turn 19 soon. A 19-year-old rank 44 Soul Ancestor was exceptional among normal people, but it was rather lackluster in Shrek Academy. One had to realize that if a student of Shrek Academy hadn't become a one-word battle armor master by the time they turned 20, then they'd lose the right to enter the inner court.

As such, he really had to hurry up and catch up to his friends following his return.

After enjoying a hearty meal and paying the bill, Tang Wulin headed directly toward the inner court of Shrek Academy as he was sure that was where his friends would be. More importantly, he hadn't seen his little sister for over three years, so he had to pay her a visit. After all, Na'er had to be worried sick.

After arriving at the entrance of Shrek Academy's inner court, Tang Wulin was barred from entry by the two guards there, both of whom were inner court disciples.

Without an inner court identification badge, no one could enter the inner court.

Thus, Tang Wulin pulled out the soul communicator that he hadn't used for over three years. He then used his soul power to charge the communicator before dialing that familiar number.

The ringtone sounded for a while before the call was connected.

"..." He was greeted by the sound of complete silence.

"Na'er?" Tang Wulin said in an uncertain voice.

"ARGH!" Immediately thereafter, a sharp screech rang out from the other side, and he felt as if his eardrums were about to explode.

He was given a massive fright as a result, and he almost hurled the soul communicator away.

Even the two guards standing beside the entrance had heard the scream from where they were standing.

"Big Brother, is that yo

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