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Tang Wulin said in a low voice, "When I was a small child, I discovered that I had the trash martial soul, Bluesilver Grass. My first soul spirit was a defective one from one of the Spirit Pagoda's failed experiments. If I had chosen to give up then, I wouldn't be standing here right now. If you even have the courage to lose weight for her, then why don't you have the courage to hear her answer? Trust me and stay here. We won't get our hopes up for miracles, but we have to give miracles the chance to take place."

Xu Lizhi lowered his head and finally nodded as he controlled his soul power to stabilize his body on his lotus leaf, but he no longer had the courage to cast his gaze toward the row of female disciples.

Tang Yinmeng wiped the tears from her face as she said, "He's right, you should stay. Don't leave until you receive a result, alright? I'll be praying for you. You're a good man, and it's not your fault that you're fat. I didn't think that the very first confession tonight would get me so emotional already."

The lotus leaf slowly returned to the third row, and everyone was looking at Xu Lizhi through new eyes. Xu Lizhi himself seemed to have also recovered from his fit of vehement emotions, and he merely stood still on the spot with his head lowered.

"Nice one, Lizhi!" Xie Xie gave him a heartfelt thumbs-up.

Yue Zhengyu also chimed in, "We support you; so believe in yourself!"

Tang Wulin didn't say anything, but he was appraising the subject to which Xu Lizhi had delivered his confession.

She was very calm, and she stood on her lotus leaf without any noticeable emotion on her face. All of the other girls who had already guessed the truth were also looking at her, but she displayed no response.

Lan Muzi said, "Boy Number 32, please provide me with the number that you've chosen later. Girls who are interested in Boy Number 32, all of you will also need to remember that during this segment, you're only able to choose one person. Yinmeng, let's continue."

On the shore of the lake, all of the outer court disciples suddenly burst into cheers as all of them yelled words of encouragement for Xu Lizhi. In particular, the students from the first grade's class one were yelling at the tops of their lungs.

In this world, not everyone was good-looking and born into prosperity. Compared to those anomalies, there were much more ordinary people. However, they also had the right to pursue love and happiness. As such, Xu Lizhi's words resonated with and inspired many people.

Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue suddenly heaved a faint sigh as she sat on the boat. "I thought that I wouldn't ever be touched by anything during my remaining days, but I have to admit that this little fatty has really moved me. Expressions of genuine emotions are always the most touching things to behold. I've decided to take one final disciple; no one's going to try and steal him away from me, right?"

"Ahem!" A few people abruptly clear

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