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"Take them to the military law department!" Tang Wulin yelled.

The situation had become quite heated and chaotic, and the thing that the military feared the most was internal turmoil.

At this moment, he was fanning the flames by infusing his words with some of his spiritual power, and all of the soldiers had become extremely worked up.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Tang Wulin's group had already snuck away toward the mountain peak, and Tang Wulin quickly followed suit.

Thus, they finally managed to pass through the market, and Tang Wulin was able to heave a faint sigh of relief.

At this point, everyone else had already separated. He had instructed everyone to go on ahead as it would be far easier to handle the situation on his own.

The ones who had stayed behind were Sima Jinchi, A'Ruheng, and Ling Zichen, and they were the ones who had been complaining about the toilet paper and female sanitary products.

As a result, all of the soldiers had been stirred up into a frenzy, allowing them to sneak away without being noticed. Thus, they quickly sped up the mountain toward the entrance of the Battle God Hall.

As expected of an outstanding soul computer expert, Shen Xing had reset the entire internal soul system of the Central Legion, granting Tang Wulin's group smooth passage.

The higher they scaled up the mountain, the few detection soul tools there were. Most of the Central Legion's facilities were focused on the bottom half of the mountain, while the top half belonged to the Battle God Hall. Regardless of whether it was in the military or the federation, the Battle God Hall had a transcendent status.

Finally, they reached an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, and the entire mountain peak above this point was covered in snow.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but think back to the Blood God Legion upon seeing this. Back then, she was still by his side.

Right at this moment, a metal ball with a probe attached to it descended from above before stopping in front of Tang Wulin's group. "Stop! You're about to enter the territory of the Battle God Hall; do you have a recommendation letter?"

Tang Wulin replied with a faint smile, "We were able to make it here, so our identities are no longer important. According to the safe harbor rule of the Battle God Hall, we have a right to challenge the Battle God Hall."

"The rules have changed," the metal ball declared, immediately following which a loud alarm was raised.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon seeing this. This wasn't what Cao Dezhi had said would happen! According to Cao Dezhi, reaching an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level would officially take them into Battle God Hall territory, and under normal circumstances, the safe harbor rule would apply at that point. Could it be that there were some extraordinary circumstances?

As the alarm rang out, several dozens of light beams immediately flashed toward the mountain summit from the Central L

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