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Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly. "I've only been here for six months, but prior to coming here, the academy told us that this military training was going to last two years; you expect me to believe I've passed already? You should think of a more convincing lie before you try to trick me."

The rotund old man made his way over to him. "Why would I lie to you? The two-year period only applies to normal people. Do you really think everyone can cross the ocean and steal an aircraftin just three months like you did? Truth be told, none of your friends managed to complete that mission; you're the only one who succeeded. Even if one trial is failed, they won't be given a pass. I'm sure you've already figured some things out for yourself; how could Shrek Academy possibly send you here to your deaths? This has all been arranged by the academy in advance," the rotund old man said with a smile.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed in a completely unconvinced manner.

The old man chuckled, "I can see that you don't believe me, but I'm sure you'll be convinced after hearing what I have to say. To start off, let me tell you how this demonic island came to be."

He sat down in front of Tang Wulin as he spoke, and even then, he was still slightly taller than Tang Wulin in a standing position.

He waved his right hand through the air, and a table suddenly appeared before him. He then pulled out a bunch of food and placed them all over the table.

Tang Wulin took two steps backward, even though the alluring aroma wafting from the food was making his stomach growl. With the traumatic experience he'd suffered at the hands of Old Demon Gluttony, he naturally didn't dare to get complacent here.

The rotund old man waved a hand. "Come on out, Desire."

All of a sudden, a young Old Demon Desire appeared before taking a seat at the table.

The old man said, "You can begin teaching him after I tell him everything."

Old Demon Desire nodded in response. "Alright. With his aptitude, one month should be enough."

Despite how convincing everything was looking, Tang Wulin still didn't dare to believe them.

The old man smiled, and said, "Alright, let's start off from the very beginning. This cluster of demonic islands suddenly appeared over 1,000 years ago, and even to this day, we don't know how these islands came into existence. Of course, we're not truly demons; we used to be humans as well. The demonic islands were formed by countless fragments that fell from the sky into this region of the ocean. Within these islands, two polar opposite types of energy appeared, both of which you've come into contact with already. One of them is extremely rich life force energy, while the other is destructive energy that could annihilate all things. The latter comes from the fragment of destruction that you've seen before. Old Demon Scourge was telling the truth when he told you that each island has a fragment of destruction, but they're all of different s

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