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However, none of this could change the fact that he was still an exceptional agent. The campaign against evil Soul Masters was bound to be a long and arduous one, and witnessing Tang Wulin's performance had dealt him a heavy blow, but as long as he was still alive he would continue to improve himself as an agent.

Yellow One, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four also made their way over to Tang Wulin before expressing their gratitude.

No one knew what the situation in the industrial area was like, so they couldn't bring themselves to rest. As such, they merely stood together in silence. The two black agents only returned when daybreak had almost arrived.

They informed everyone that all of the evil Soul Masters in the industrial area had left, and that Tang Wulin was correct in his judgment that the evil Soul Masters had used the vengeful spirits in the factories. At the same time, they discovered a sacrificial altar buried deep under the ground beneath the factories. From the condition of the sacrificial altar, they deduced that not only had all of the vengeful spirits in the factories been refined, many of the souls of the people who had perished in the recent terrorist attack had also been funneled over to this place to be refined by the altar.

This piece of information left a bad taste in everyone's mouths, but at the same time, the two black agents announced that they'd completed their mission.

Seeing as Tang Wulin had displayed an outstanding performance during the mission, he was going to receive half of the reward while the remaining four members of the team shared the other half.

Purple One and the others were all more than willing to accept this arrangement.

This mission was worth double points in the first place, and Tang Wulin had taken half of the entire reward, so this was a very bountiful haul for him. However, this mission had also left him feeling that there was a lot more that still had to be done as he felt the insolence of the Holy Spirit Cult.

Even with the federation's immense power, they were still unable to weed out the Holy Spirit Cult, and these terrorist attacks were only taking place with increased regularity. They hadn't even found the masterminds behind this terrorist attack, and they'd finally found some leads, only for the evil Soul Masters to make an easy retreat. There had to be someone helping them on the inside, and their backers had to be extremely fearsome.

Purple One drove the Tang Sect battle vehicle back to Shrek City, and everyone received their rewards, following which their temporary team disbanded.

Tang Wulin didn't accept any other missions. Instead, he returned to the academy so he could recover all of his belongings first. After that, he was going to head to HeavenDou City to visit his uncle-teacher.

Following the completion of his mission, he'd been informed that the blacksmith association of HeavenDou City hadn't been affected by the terrorist attack. That was on

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