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Along the way, the Tang Sect battle vehicle's disguise system activated, and the surface of the car took on a deep blue hue that appeared to be black under dim environments. Only under the direct sunlight would it shimmer like a sapphire. This type of blue was referred to as cavansite blue by the Tang Sect, and it was derived from a type of mineral. It was extremely resistant to corrosion, and could strengthen the structural integrity of metals. Some mechas also had this type of material applied to their surfaces.

Thus, the Tang Sect battle vehicle sped onto the highway and traveled toward Heaven Dou City again.

Driving a car and riding in a car were two completely different experiences. Not only was this Tang Sect battle vehicle extremely smooth to drive, it was also very easy to control and he familiarized himself with it extremely quickly.

Less than two hours later, HeavenDou City was already looming in the distance. Tang Wulin wondered whether the Evil Soul Masters of the Holy Spirit Cult had been captured, and a heavy feeling settled in his heart as he thought back to the ordeal he'd suffered in the abandoned industrial site. The more he learned about the Holy Spirit Cult, the more he realized how much of a threat they posed to society and the entire federation. These bastards had to be weeded out as quickly as possible!

After exiting the highway, Tang Wulin drove onto a familiar main road that led toward HeavenDou City. The situation was much the same as it had been a few days ago; there were still many victims lining the streets, but their numbers had clearly decreased, so it could be seen that the government was working toward providing lodging for them.

The reconstruction project would most likely have to go on for a long time. After all, the scale of the damage was immense, and the nature of this incident was downright abhorrent. Hopefully, this terrorist attack would unite the entire federation against the Holy Spirit Cult.

Just as these thoughts were running through his mind, Tang Wulin drove into the city. There was better order being maintained in the city, but there were also clearly far more patrolling police vehicles here.

If the presence of police vehicles was truly effective, then the attack would've never happened. Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh. However, having police presence in the area was better than nothing as it could at least instill a sense of calmness into the hearts of the city's residents.

The blacksmith association in HeavenDou City was the headquarters of the blacksmith association, and Tang Wulin drove his car into a nearby alley. He then stopped the car before stowing it away into his storage ring, then making his way toward the blacksmith association building.

However, he immediately stopped after arriving at the entrance. It wasn't that he didn't want to go in; the problem was that the entrance had been completely blocked by countless people.

"Hand over the perpet

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