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A wry smile appeared on his face upon hearing this. He was still too inexperienced! He had thought that he'd taken care of this matter in an exceptional fashion, but who would've thought that this was a trap set by everyone for the Holy Spirit Cult?

The smile on Zhen Hua's face faded, and he said, "This incident was an extremely catastrophic one. I didn't think that the Holy Spirit Cult would be brazen to such an extent already! How was the military training that your academy sent you on, Wulin?"

In the presence of so many people, Tang Wulin couldn't go into much detail, so he gave a clipped response. "I learned a lot from it. I only came back recently, and I came to pay you a visit right away."

Zhen Hua nodded before pointing at the two middle-aged women in the room as he said, "Let me introduce everyone to you. These two are from the Battle God Hall, and they're both incumbent Battle Gods."

Tang Wulin wasn't completely oblivious about the Battle God Hall now, and he was aware that the organization had 18 Battle Gods in total. They were the pillars of the Battle God Hall, and all of them were Titled Douluos that took orders directly from the federation. It was said that the Battle God Hall had Soul Masters who were even more powerful than the 18 Battle Gods, but Tang Wulin didn't know what those beings were referred to as.

The two middle-aged women were both quite ordinary in appearance, and following Zhen Hua's introduction, Tang Wulin learned that their names were Ice Moon Douluo Tang Liyue and Dawn Cat Douluo Zhu Xuan.

Zhen Hua then pointed at one of the middle-aged men, and continued, "This is Heavenly Saint Douluo Xu Shengqun from the Spirit Pagoda."

Zhen Hua was clearly referring to this man in a more respectful manner than when he'd introduced the two female Battle Gods of the Battle God Hall.

Tang Wulin hurriedly said, "Greetings, Your Highness."

Xu Shengqun nodded as he appraised Tang Wulin in an intrigued manner.

Zhen Hua smiled, and continued, "Brother Xu is one of the current four spirit envoys of the Spirit Pagoda."

Tang Wulin's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this. He knew a lot more about the Spirit Pagoda than he did about the Battle God Hall, and he was aware of the fact that the Spirit Pagoda was a very tight-knit organization.

In the beginning, when the federal parliament had first been founded, they'd actually referenced the hierarchy of the Spirit Pagoda.

The Spirit Pagoda had 36 elders, and in the beginning, these elders were beings from all types of different powers throughout the continent. However, as time passed, the Spirit Pagoda became more and more important, and it gradually became an independent entity.

Even so, the Spirit Pagoda still had a panel of 36 elders that made a lot of their important decisions.

Above the panel of elders were several high-ranking officials, including the pagoda chairman, the two vice-chairmen, and the four spirit envoys. The

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