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Tang Wulin hurriedly inspected his internal condition to find that his soul power was still there, as were those green and purple specks of light. Everything that he had learned was also cemented firmly in his mind.

Those hallucinations were simply far too terrifying and realistic, and he may have spent over a year trapped in them.

"Inside the hallucinations, time passes at a quarter of the speed as it does in the real world, so you've only been here for less than four months," Old Demon Greed said.

"Your friends still haven't completed their trials, so they'll require some more time. What I have to tell you is that it won't be a good thing for them to have their trials brought to premature ends. They need to go through the complete process and rebuild themselves on a psychological level, especially that kid." Old Demon Nightmare pointed at Yue Zhengyu as he spoke.

Tang Wulin immediately recalled Yue Zhengyu's horrific experiences, and as he looked around at the seven old demons, he finally truly believed them.

"Alright, I'll tell you all what happened. Firstly, I really don't know how I managed to trigger this Life Tide and Destruction Tide that all of you are talking about. From my perspective, I could only suddenly sense that the life energy around me had become more powerful at the conclusion of my meditation, and after that, I saw a really strange sequence of scenes."

Thus, Tang Wulin gave all of the old demons a specific recount of everything he'd seen, only neglecting to tell them about the two specks of light that had appeared in his soul power vortex.

He was still maintaining a shred of caution, so he naturally couldn't reveal everything. At the same time, he disclosed all of this information as he also wanted to hear the old demons' analysis. They were the beings that were most familiar with the life and destruction energies on the demonic islands, so their input on this matter would definitely be the most reliable.

After hearing Tang Wulin's story, all seven old demons' brows furrowed in unison as if they'd all fallen into deep thought.

"The purple light is definitely destruction, while the green light has to be life. This means that you most likely saw projections of the Goddess of Life and the God of Destruction when you were in your trance-like state. There's only one place that they would protect, and that's the Divine Realm. Perhaps what you saw explains why we've been unable to contact the Divine Realm. This is extremely important information; I'll compile a detailed report based on what you've told us, then get you to deliver that report to the master of the Sea God's Pavilion after you get back to the academy," Old Demon Greed said in a serious manner.

"I'll be happy to do that." Tang Wulin immediately nodded in response.

Old Demon Greed continued, "I just don't understand why you were able to trigger all of this. Did you feel anything else at the time? And what was that golden spec

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