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The one walking at the forefront of the group was a young woman in a Major military uniform. She had an exceptional figure, and even her military uniform couldn't conceal her attractive curves. However, she wore an extremely cold and forbidding expression on her face.

The soles of her leather boots clicked against the metal ground as she walked, and she asked in a cold voice, "Have you completed the tally yet? Are there any leads about the two fifth-grade soul bombs from last time?"

The man walking by her side was a major as well, and he appeared to be somewhere between 30 and 40 years of age. He wore a slightly fawning smile on his face as he replied, "We've been investigating this matter, Advisor Shen, but we haven't found any leads yet. We've also completed a tally of all of our soul bombs, and the figures are identical to what they were last time."

Advisor Shen stopped and turned to look at him with a cold expression. "So what you're saying is that those two fifth grade soul bombs really have gone missing. Do you know what that entails?"

The male major's expression changed slightly, and sweat was beginning to bead on his forehead as he said, "I do; I'll be sure to find some leads as quickly as I can. We've already gone through all of the surveillance footage, but we were unable to find anything. We're planning on installing more cameras in the warehouse so that there are no blind spots, so please put in a good word for me with the general. You know me; I would never steal from the base."

Advisor Shen chuckled coldly, "I wouldn't be so quick to rule you out from the list of suspects. In any case, I don't care about all that; all I want are results, Major Chen. If you can't find those two fifth grade soul bombs, even the general can't save your skin. I'll give you another three days; you know what'll happen if you can't find those soul bombs during that time."

"Yes, yes, I'll be sure to do my best." Major Chen wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he heaved a dejected internal sigh.

"Take me on a tour of the warehouse." Only then did Advisor Shen's cold expression eased slightly, and she continued to survey the warehouse with Major Chen in accompaniment.

This was a perfect unmissable opportunity!

Tang Wulin pounced almost without any hesitation.

There were only four soldiers accompanying the two majors, and it only took Tang Wulin an instant to knock them all out.

Advisor Shen and Major Chen immediately responded and turned around, but at that point, there were already over 10 Bluesilver Emperor Vines rushing toward them.

Major Chen let loose a cry of surprise as he attempted to reach for the soul pistol hanging from his waist, only to be bound tightly in a cocoon of Bluesilver Emperor vines. Meanwhile, Advisor Shen appeared to only be in her twenties, but she reacted extremely quickly. She immediately sprang back before four soul rings quickly emerged beneath her feet, and they consisted of

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