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Xu Lizhi said, "I finally understand why all of our teachers from the academy and the upperclassman from the Battle God Hall were reacting so unnaturally at the mention of his military training; I never want to go back there ever again."

Indeed, back when they'd departed, all of them had rushed into the sea as quickly as they could so they could get away from the demonic island as soon as possible.

"When I think about it, I kind of feel sorry for the old demons," Xu Xiaoyan sighed.

A cold look appeared on Yue Zhengyu's face. "You feel sorry for them? Who's going to feel sorry for us? Have we not been tortured enough by them?"

"Calm down, Zhengyu," Tang Wulin urged, "We did indeed suffer horrendous torture at their hands, but we all have to admit that we've all improved significantly in many areas during these past few months. We've all grown up, and when we left the place, I suddenly felt like I was no longer a child, like I had truly become an adult."

"You're right! We've all grown up," Yuanen Yehui said with a faint smile.

Tang Wulin suddenly said, "By the way, during Old Demon Desire's trial, she showed me what happened to all of you. Do all of you want to know everyone's reactions?"

Everyone suddenly fell silent, and their eyes widened in unison.

Immediately thereafter, all of them exclaimed at once, "No!"

The soul train arrived, and its headlights finally brought some light to this secluded little train station. Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he thought back to the horrific experiences he'd encountered on soul trains before walking onto the train first.

They were finally about to go back. The horrendous military training was finally a thing of the past, and in the end, he refrained from telling everyone what Old Demon Desire had shown him. Some things were simply better left unsaid.

At the Northsea Legion base.

Shen Yue listened to the reports from her subordinates with a thunderous look on her face, and her mood was sour to the extreme.

Not only had a traitor appeared in their Northsea Legion, the traitor also held such an important position in the base. As the leader of the legion, she most definitely had to hold herself accountable for this. Most importantly, her own precious little sister had almost been abducted. She had to get to the bottom of this and weed out all of the traitors in the legion no matter what.

"Announce my orders to commence an exhaustive investigation right away! The legion base will be placed into complete lockdown during the duration of this investigation!"


After Major Chen and his accomplices had been detained, a tally was completed, and it was discovered that over 200 soul bombs had gone missing from the warehouse. That many soul bombs were enough to raze a small city to the ground.

Shen Xing looked at her sister with a concerned expression, and even now, she still hadn't managed to completely calm her own emotions.

"Don't put too m

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