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Tang Wulin smiled in response. "Do you think I'm stupid or mentally disabled, General? You're talking to me about honor at a time like this? Don't be ridiculous. Put a parachute onto the aircraft, and I'll take Advisor Shen on a ride with me. When I feel it's safe to do so, I'll eject her out of the aircraft; I'm sure you'll be able to rescue her from there. That's enough chit-chat; your only choice now is to trust me. Otherwise, I'll take her down with me."

Shen Xing had been reduced to a trembling sobbing mess, and her legs didn't even feel like they belonged to her anymore, so he could only lean against Tang Wulin's body for support.

Shen Yue clenched her fists as she glowered at Tang Wulin. "You better pray that I don't get my hands on you someday."

Tang Wulin said in a calm voice, "I'll worry about that if and when that happens. All I care about is what happens now."

Shen Yue commanded, "Everyone, step aside and let them get onto the aircraft!"

Thus, Tang Wulin stepped onto the aircraft with Shen Xing right before everyone's eyes. Instead of immediately closing the aircraft canopy, he said in a calm manner, "Perhaps we can do this another way. I'll get Advisor Shen to fly me back to the demonic island, and she can then fly the aircraft back here. That way, you won't be losing anything. Oh, by the way, I heard that an autopilot system that can be controlled from a long distance away can be installed onto Skyglide 17 aircrafts; is there one on this aircraft? I don't want the aircraft flying back on its own. If such a system is installed on this aircraft, then I'd advise you to remove it. Otherwise, you know what'll happen."

Shen Yue suddenly felt as if she were dealing with a veteran war criminal rather than a young man; everything that he did was so well-thought-out. If it weren't for the fact that she wanted to tear him to pieces right now, she would be very impressed.

"There are no autopilot systems installed on the aircraft," she said in a cold voice.

"Good. If you really care about your sister, then I hope you didn't lie to me." The plane's ignition had already been turned on, and the canopy slowly closed to separate him and Shen Xing from the outside world.

He used his Bluesilver Emperor vines to bind her to the co-pilot's seat before pressing one button after another in an expert manner. The Skyglide 17 aircraft immediately began to accelerate before quickly taking off into the pitch-black night sky.

Shen Xing looked on in shock and horror as Tang Wulin operated the aircraft in an extremely well-rehearsed manner. In the instant that the aircraft left the Northsea Legion base, tears began to flow from her eyes again.

From the moment she left the legion base, her life was placed in the hands of this young man.

Only now did she catch a clear glimpse of Tang Wulin's appearance. From the side, she could see his long eyelashes, handsome face, and clear eyes.

Judging from his outward appear

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