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Tang Wulin stared at the image of Xu Lizhi in a dumbstruck manner. He didn't think that Lizhi was an idealist!

The fake Ye Xinglan harrumphed coldly, "We may not even be able to leave this place alive, so why are you thinking so much? Are you unable to engage physically?"

Xu Lizhi abruptly raised his head as a sharp look appeared in his eyes. "You're not Sister Xinglan! Sister Xinglan has always protected me ever since we were kids; she would never say something like that to hurt my self-esteem! You're not her!"

He sprang to his feet as he spoke, but he didn't immediately spring into action. Instead, he stared at the nude Ye Xinglan in a dazed manner, and murmured to himself, "Is this what Sister Xinglan looks like without clothes on?"

Only then did he gulp before slapping the fake Ye Xinglan out of existence.

Tang Wulin glanced at Old Demon Desire to find that her expression had darkened significantly.

He then turned to appraise the image that was depicting Ye Xinglan.

As expected, Ye Xinglan had exemplary willpower, and she also knew Xu Lizhi extremely well.

At this point, her sword had already pierced through Xu Lizhi's chest, and she said in a cold voice, "Lizhi is so pure and timid; how would he dare to do something like this to me? He wouldn't engage in physical relations with me just because we might not be able to get out of here alive."

Five out of seven people had passed Old Demon Desire's trial! She placed her hands on her hips with an enraged look on her face.

Tang Wulin then turned to examine the image that was depicting Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan seemed to have completely lost herself in Yue Zhengyu's embrace already.

Yue Zhengyu said in a gentle voice, "I love you, Xiaoyao. I'm not sure if I can leave this place with you alive, but I'm truly willing to give every part of myself to you. I'm not a playboy; you're the only woman in my heart. Will you become my first woman?"

Xu Xiaoyan shuddered slightly, and replied, "I'm willing, but I'm still scared and not mentally prepared. Can you give me some time, Zhengyu?"

Yue Zhengyu said in a gentle voice, "What do you need to think about? I'm willing to sacrifice everything for you, and I've even used my Sacrifice ability to save your life; isn't that enough proof of my love for you? For your sake, I'd gladly lay down my life. Xiaoyan, I love you."

Yue Zhengyu leaned down to kiss Xu Xiaoyan as he spoke.

All of a sudden, a cold look flashed through Xu Xiaoyan's eyes, and starlight flashed, upon which the fake Yue Zhengyu was completely immobilized.

"You're not Zhengyu! Zhengyu wouldn't try to coerce me like this! Who are you?" Xu Xiaoyan interrogated in an enraged manner.

The fake Yue Zhengyu was just about to reply, but Xu Xiaoyan had already slapped him into oblivion.

Tang Wulin wore a rather peculiar look in his eyes as he turned toward Old Demon Desire. "You failed because you don't have a deep enough understanding

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