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A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "I just returned from military training with my friends, and I haven't even returned to the academy yet before coming here, so I have no idea what happened!"

A grave expression appeared on Guo Xiaoxu's face as he said, "10 days ago, a terrorist attack took place in HeavenDou City. Many people were killed and the government building was razed to the ground. The official reports state that over 1,000 casualties have been tallied, but in reality, more than 4,000 people have died and more than 10,000 people have been injured."

"What?" Tang Wulin's mouth immediately gaped open with shock.

HeavenDou City? Wasn't that the city in which Mo Lan's father was an administration official?

It had to have been a terrorist attack of extremely massive proportions for so many people to have died!

"What about the administration official there?" Tang Wulin hurriedly asked.

Guo Xiao Xu sighed, "He also perished during the attack. It came too abruptly and without any premonition. 60 soul bombs of the fifth grade and above rained down on all parts of HeavenDou City, causing a massive calamity. After that, an aircraft came out of nowhere and dropped a ninth-grade soul bomb onto the government building, and that bomb resulted in the most casualties. This incident has stunned the entire federation. The federation has declared a state of DEFCON one, and deployed a vast number of people to conduct an exhaustive investigation. Our Tang Sect's Battle Hall received an invitation from the federation's Battle God Hall to assist them in their investigation."

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath upon hearing this. He couldn't believe that such a catastrophic disaster had taken place. He couldn't help but recall the conversation he'd overheard in the Northsea Legion base about the stolen soul bombs, and he hurriedly informed Guo Xiaoxu of what he'd heard.

Guo Xiaoxu's brows furrowed even tighter as he processed this information. The military had to have kept this information confidential for him to still be unaware of this. It was most likely the case that the Northsea Legion wasn't the only legion where soul bombs had been stolen from! If a large number of soul bombs were to spread into the outside world, then that was most definitely a recipe for disaster.

Tang Wulin asked, "Do we know which organization is responsible for this?"

Guo Xiaoxu replied. "We do. The Holy Spirit Cult have announced that they're responsible for this attack."

Tang Wulin clenched his fists tightly. "It's the Holy Spirit Cult again!"

This wasn't the first time that he'd come across this cult, and the last time he'd encountered its members, he and his friends had almost been killed. He didn't think that they'd be causing another catastrophe so soon, and a catastrophe of such major proportions, at that.

Guo Xiaoxu said, "During the past six months, the Holy Spirit Cult has been extremely active and orchestrated a large

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