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The miniature radar also had a thermal imaging function, which made it extremely sensitive to the presence of life forms.

After activating the radar, Tang Wulin only had to continuously inject his soul power into it to maintain the three-dimensional image in his mind. Dilapidated factories and equipment lay all around him, and it was a very barren place.

This was a search mission, so all he had to do to complete it was search through his designated section.

Tang Wulin hurried along, and at the same time, he was controlling his soul power to close off his pores and conceal his aura. He was also treading very lightly and making about as little sound as a prowling cat in the night.

This type of aura concealment skill was something that he'd learned from Old Demon Scourge on the demonic island. The most important element of infiltration was to avoid being discovered by enemies. Old Demon Scourge's aura concealment skill was very useful as not only was it able to conceal one's aura, it also taught one how to fuse their soul power with destructive energy, thereby lowering their body temperature to avoid detection from thermal imaging devices.

Tang Wulin was putting this skill to extremely good use, so even if someone were aiming a sensory device at him right now, they wouldn't be able to detect him as he'd completely sealed off his aura and soul power, while also lowering his body temperature to match his surroundings.

Old Demon Scourge had told him that everyone only lived once, so regardless of what situation he was in, he had to do everything he could to minimize his risk of being harmed. If he were to make a mistake due to complacency, then he may not have the opportunity to regret his mistake as he could already be dead.

These lessons had been drilled into Tang Wulin's mind through the torment inflicted on him by the old demons. As such, he was doing everything he could to blend into the night while advancing through the abandoned industrial area. Even the energy fluctuations emanating from the miniature radar on his badge had been concealed by him using his soul power.

Tang Wulin was the fastest among Shrek’s Seven Monsters to master his aura concealment skill as he possessed the most spiritual power. His Spirit Abyss realm spiritual power made it a lot easier for him to master all aspects of the skill than it was for everyone else.

Soon, Tang Wulin had searched through most of his section without making any discoveries. Perhaps it was due to the presence of harmful substances in the area, but there weren't even any insects or rodents around. This was a truly dead and desolate place.

"The innermost section has been completely searched with no discoveries." Purple One's voice sounded in his earpiece.

"The eastern section has been completely searched with no discoveries." Next to report his findings, or lack thereof, was Yellow One.

Tang Wulin pressed down on his communicator, and said, "The western

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