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Old Demon Hatred was almost driven insane by rage at the sight of Tang Wulin's blasé reactions, and he was beginning to take drastic measures. However, even shattering Tang Wulin's bones couldn't bring so much as a wince to his face, and his body would quickly regenerate anyway.

As for the vital regions in Tang Wulin's torso, those were protected by his Mountain Dragon King torso bone, so unless Old Demon Hatred were to completely shatter his body, there was no way that he could torture him from the inside without killing him.

"Are you a turtle, you little bastard?" Old Demon Hatred smashed the mace in his hand against Tang Wulin's body one final time before turning and leaving in a fit of rage. He had to vent this fury on the next victim!

Thus, Tang Wulin was finally released, and as usual, Old Demon Scourge was playing the good guy.

"Hatred is way too abhorrent! Are you alright, Tang Wulin?" Old Demon Scourge asked with a concerned expression.

Tang Wulin merely appraised him with a cold gaze, and said, "What other tricks do you have? Throw them all at me. You'll be releasing my friends after you exhaust all your tricks, right?"

Old Demon Scourge sighed, "This has nothing to do with me; it's all Old Demon Nightmare's doing. All I can do to help you is restrict him from releasing that aphrodisiac mist."

Tang Wulin didn't say anything in response. He was beginning to grasp the patterns that these old demons liked to follow.

In any case, at the very least, he was still alive, and he was thriving.

After the beating he'd received from Old Demon Hatred, he'd absorbed all of the life force energy in his body from all of the disgusting things that Old Demon Gluttony had forced him to eat. His blood essence power was so abundant now that he was barely able to control it from surging toward his ninth Golden Dragon King seal.

Furthermore, he could sense that if he wished to do so, he could break through the ninth seal with ease. At present, he was having to divert a lot of his attention to control the bloodline power in his body in order to prevent it from breaking the ninth seal.

If these old demons were only torturing him, then he should be growing more and more feeble, so why was he becoming more and more powerful instead?

Furthermore, even though the entire process had been extremely painful, he had to admit that this torture had benefitted him immensely. Not only had his body become more powerful, he had learned many valuable skills, and his mental fortitude had also been further bolstered.

Old Demon Scourge's expression suddenly fell at the sight of Tang Wulin's cold gaze. "Do you think I'm on their side, kid?"

Tang Wulin replied in a cold voice, "Aren't you?"

Old Demon Scourge flared up with rage. "Of course not! If that's what you think, then I'll leave you to your own devices and let Nightmare do whatever he wants."

He turned to leave as soon as his voice trailed off, and in the nex

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