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As such, as Tang Wulin burrowed through the earth, none of the Northsea Legion's detection devices were able to discover him. On the seismographs, no abnormal tremors were being detected as one man's activity was nowhere near enough to create tremors that would set off an alarm.

Thus, Tang Wulin would rest for a while when he grew tired, and continue to dig after he recovered. Even he had lost track of how long he'd been digging for.

During the process, he returned to the surface to rest on two occasions. He had also returned to the ocean to kill a sea soul beast, then chopped it up into sashimi using his golden dragon claws as he was unbearably hungry. After recovering some energy, he returned to the underground world to continue his excavation.

"Ding!" A crisp clang suddenly rang out, and Tang Wulin immediately stopped what he was doing. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood up on end, and he hurriedly withdrew his aura.

What was that?

He didn't dare to summon his Bluesilver Emperor soul rings to illuminate the tunnel, so he could only use his blood essence soul rings instead. Under the illumination of the golden soul rings, he was surprised to discover that a metal plate had stopped him in his tracks.

Did this mean he'd already entered the base or was this a metal barrier that separated the base from the outside world?

Tang Wulin gently pressed his palm flat against the metal board to sense the nature of its existence. He was already close to becoming a SaintBlacksmith, so he was extremely familiar with metals.

He could generally ascertain the special properties of a type of metal simply by touching it and using his spiritual power to detect it.

This was what he was doing right now, and he was able to quickly discern that this was a type of metal that wasn't exactly uncommon, but was very resolute; it was a type of titanium alloy.

There were no energy fluctuations emanating from it, which meant that this was just a plain alloy, rather than a large soul tool.

This discovery came as quite a relief to Tang Wulin. If this were a soul tool, then he would be in some trouble. At the very least, he'd have to keep digging down until he could go around this metal wall. However, if it were just a normal metal wall, then that indicated that he was situated right outside the Northsea Legion base. Thus, he'd be able to enter this base after breaking through this wall.

Tang Wulin's heart rate accelerated slightly, and after a moment of contemplation, he extended a single finger. A dark golden blade of light slowly emerged from his fingertip, then pierced soundlessly into the metal wall before him.

No titanium alloy could stand up against his Golden Dragon Dreadclaws. After piercing his claw into the metal, Tang Wulin slowly rotated his finger, quickly drilling out a small hole.

All of a sudden, his finger plunged through to the other side without any further resistance, and he knew that he'd dr

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