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Gu Yue lowered her head and didn't say anything. All of a sudden, she threw herself into Tang Wulin's arms and raised her head to kiss him.

Tang Wulin was startled by her intense passion, but he was almost instantly completely entranced as he basked in her familiar aura and felt her scorching lips.

Her movements were very jerky and unrefined, just like during their first kiss, but her lips were filled with passion and love.

Their breathing began to accelerate, and even the temperature in the cave seemed to be gradually on the rise. A scorching sensation began to mount in Tang Wulin's heart, and they tore away at each other's clothes in a frenzied manner, as if they were trying to vent all of their innermost feelings that they'd repressed for so long in an instant.

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly felt a stinging pain on his chest, and his heart suddenly began to throb in an indescribable manner. This sense of pain abruptly doused the burning desire in his heart, and it seemed to be telling him something.

Gu Yue was still pressing her body desperately against his, but his eyes were gradually regaining the clarity. All of a sudden, golden light erupted from his right hand, and it transformed into a pair of sharp claws before grabbing viciously onto her head.

He roared with fury, "You're not her!"

Dazzling golden light flashed, and Gu Yue's body instantly vanished like an illusion. Golden light was still swirling around Tang Wulin's golden dragon claws as he gasped for breath.

Only then did the light emanating from the silver scale pendant in front of his chest finally dim.

It was none other than the reminder from that scale that allowed Tang Wulin to regain his clarity of mind and identify that the person in his arms wasn't Gu Yue.

A surprised yet enticing voice suddenly rang out. "I conjured up that illusion based on the innermost feelings and memories in your heart; I'm quite surprised that you were able to snap out of it. However, you don't seem to have done so through your own power. This is the trial of love and boundless desire; I am Old Demon Desire."

A woman emerged in a graceful manner from within a dark corner. She referred to herself as an old demon, but she didn't look old at all. She appeared to only be in her twenties, and she was extremely scantily-clad. Her long legs were supple and toned, and the smile on her face evoked flames of desire in the onlooker's heart.

Tang Wulin found her facial features to be rather blurry, but he felt like she bore a strong resemblance to Gu Yue. In reality, anyone would see their lover when they looked at her.

A cold light flashed through Tang Wulin's eyes. "Why would you torture me in such a sick twisted way? You..."

Old Demon Desire smiled, and she was very honest in the face of Tang Wulin's accusatory gaze. "No reason; I simply wanted to see just how deep your love was. I only have lust and desire, but I've never loved before, so I

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