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All of the past generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters were comprised of superb prodigies, and there was once a special incident that resulted in the death of two members of one of the past generations of Shrek’s Seven Monsters. On that occasion, Shrek Academy was like a hibernating beast that finally awoke from its slumber and bared its fangs to the world. A terrifying revenge operation ensued, and that piece of history was still clear in the minds of many people.

Shen Yue had seen from strictly confidential military documents that the incident had forced the federation to change 16 of its parliamentary members.

No one in the general public knew what had happened, but that incident had completely shaken up the hierarchy of the entire federal parliament. As for exactly what the incident was, there were no specific records. It was only stated that the repercussions had been extremely severe. All of the people who were related to the deaths of those two members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters suffered negative consequences to varying degrees, and that incident had further cemented Shrek Academy's status as one of the most powerful entities on the entire continent.

At this moment the aircraft that Xie Xie and the others were on had already risen into the air, and the Skyglide 17 aircraft was able to travel far faster than normal mechas. In the blink of an eye, the coastline was already within sight.

Xie Xie was obviously far from an experienced pilot, but he could control the plane to make some simple changes in direction. After rising into the air, they headed straight toward the sea, and what they had to do now was to find that island.

But where exactly was it?

Xie Xie cast his eyes into the distance. At such high altitudes, an island that was 30 kilometers away should be visible to them. However, his expression quickly stiffened as he discovered that there were indeed islands in the distant ocean. However, there was a stretch of many islands rather than just one. At a rough glance, it appeared that there were at least 100 to 200 islands spread over a vast area of the ocean up ahead.

"What do we do?" Xie Xie asked.

Ye Xinglan had obviously also already taken in the situation, and she rolled her eyes as she replied, "How would I know? I'm not the captain. We can't communicate with Captain for now, so let's just fly over there first. If worst comes to worst, we'll just have to search for the island after making a landing."

Xie Xie grumbled, "The academy is being way too harsh! They only gave us 15 days, yet not only is the coastline completely sealed off, even the map they gave us is fake! There's clearly more than one island here!"

"Hold on, give me the map for a second," Xu Xiaoyan suddenly requested.

The map was being held by Ye Xinglan as she was responsible for giving directions, and she gave the map to Xu Xiaoyan as requested.

Xu Xiaoyan said, "No matter how heartless the academy is, the island on the

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