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Tang Wulin's downward velocity gradually began to slow, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

Does he really think that I'd be powerless in this situation? I've already devised a strategy well in advance!

The versatility of his Bluesilver Emperor really shone through in times like these. If this were still his Bluesilver Grass, then it naturally wouldn't be able to withstand such a strong impact. However, he now possessed Bluesilver Emperor vines, and with the enhancement of his Bluesilver Overlord Transformation, it was very easy for those vines to support his weight.

However, a smile had only just appeared on his face before his expression abruptly stiffened as a pair of Skyglide 17 aircrafts had just flown past him.

The Northsea Legion reacted way too quickly!

The two aircrafts swerved around, and when they appeared before Tang Wulin again, they had slowed down significantly. He was then greeted by the sight of a massive net being blasted toward his body.

It was mid-air detainment all over again.

This was the second time he'd faced mid-air detainment, and on the previous occasion, he'd used his Tyrant Dragon to foil the Northsea Legion's detainment efforts. However, that was clearly not applicable in this situation.

He was situated in the air above a region of the ocean that was close to the Northsea Legion base, and if he were to fall down to the ground here, he would be captured right away.

However, as opposed to being alarmed by the mid-air detainment nets, Tang Wulin was quite elated to see them instead. His body was quickly swept up by the net, and the torture that he'd suffered at the hands of Old Demon Nightmare proved to be very beneficial in this situation as he was able to at least avoid being knocked out by the sudden impact.

A powerful electric current ran through the detainment net, and Tang Wulin's body immediately became numb. His suit of battle armor appeared of its own accord to protect him. Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly as he swept both hands through the air, and two Bluesilver Emperor vines surged upward before wrapping themselves around the tail of one of the aircrafts.

The pilots of the Northsea Legion clearly didn't envision this to be a problem. Capturing parachuting invaders in mid-air was one of the simplest tasks for them. Generally, as soon as the invader was struck by the net, they would be knocked out by the impact, and even if they managed to remain conscious through this process, the subsequent electric current would definitely knock them out.

As long as they weren't capturing two-word battle armor masters or beings more powerful than that, mid-air detainments were always very smooth and simple. Unfortunately, they were coming up against Tang Wulin, whose body was definitely no less powerful than that of a two-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin quickly climbed onto the aircraft using his Bluesilver Emperor vine as a rope. At this point, this Skyglide 17 air

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