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It was quite clear that the Evil Soul Master had pinpointed Xu Xiaoyan's absolute control as the biggest threat to him, as opposed to Tang Wulin's immense power. If it hadn't been for her control, how would Tang Wulin have managed to hurt his Infernal Tortoise?

As such, he unleashed his sixth soul skill, and his aim was to eliminate Xu Xiaoyan as quickly as possible.

The Extreme Yin Domain was like a coffin that had completely trapped Xu Xiaoyan within, and the aura of the Golden Dragon King from the Violent Golden Dragon Domain was quickly fading from her body. In just a few more seconds, her defenses would completely crumble. After that, her body and her battle armor would both be corroded into nothingness within the Extreme Yin Domain.

"Xiaoyan!" Yue Zhengyu cried out as he abruptly flapped his wings and charged into the Extreme Yin Domain without any hesitation.

The Extreme Yin Domain had extremely powerful offensive abilities, and was also an extremely effective control-type soul skill, which was why the Evil Soul Master had chosen it as his sixth soul skill. However, it had one limitation, which was that it could only encompass a very small area, so it could only attack one person at a time. Despite this, it was his most powerful individual attack, and this was the first time he'd ever seen anyone dare to charge into his Extreme Yin Domain like a moth to a flame.

A burst of white holy flames erupted from Yue Zhengyu's body almost at the exact same moment, and his wings had been set alight by those holy flames.

The pristine white flames appeared to be very gentle and warm, striking the beholder with a comfortable sensation. Yue Zhengyu charged into the Extreme Yin Domain, and his flaming wings wrapped themselves around Xu Xiaoyan to form a protective barrier.

A remarkable scene then unfolded. Despite how powerful the Extreme Yin Domain was, it was unable to corrode those flaming wings, and was completely kept at bay.

"Sacrifice! You're from the Holy Angel clan!" the Evil Soul Master harrumphed coldly, but a hint of wariness had crept into his voice.

Sacrifice? The other members of Shrek’s Seven Monsters all faltered upon hearing this.

Right at this moment, a sharp cry suddenly erupted in the distance, and the Evil Soul Master's expression changed slightly as a hesitant look appeared on his face. After taking one final cold glance at Tang Wulin and the others, he abruptly vanished on the spot.

Just as Tang Wulin and the others were preparing themselves to protect Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu with all their might, the Evil Soul Master disappeared.

"Hmm? Sacrifice?" A surprised voice sounded from up above. Immediately thereafter, the space overhead was torn open, and a silvery-white figure descended from above.

A pair of silvery-white wings were spread open as his body slowly descended, and a silver halo appeared beneath his feet.

This was another three-word battle armor master! However, t

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