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With his prior experience, Tang Wulin had deduced that the person at the forefront of the group would have to withstand the most amount of physical stress, so it was undoubtedly the case that he had to lead from the front. Everyone else would also have to withstand energy assaults from all sides. At a time like this, his Violent Golden Dragon Domain and Xu Xiaoyan's Astral Chains became really important. With the effects of those two soul skills, they should be able to make it through to the other side.

An hour later, everyone was ready.

Tang Wulin said, "Hold your buns and only eat them when I say so. Brace yourselves!"

He raised his Golden Dragon Spear and pointed its tip directly up ahead as he spoke.

Everyone had donned their battle armor, and Tang Wulin yelled, "Charge!"

Immediately thereafter, he led the charge while Astral Chains connected everyone.

However, Tang Wulin didn't immediately unleash his Violent Golden Dragon Domain as using it would've expended too much energy, and it wasn't necessary for the first part of their charge anyway.

Yuanen Yehui had adopted her Fallen Angel as opposed to her Titan Giant Ape form, which had greater defensive capabilities, and this was something that Tang Wulin had decided was the best course of action for her after some careful deliberation. Her Titan Giant Ape form did indeed possess superior defensive prowess, but it also made her expand significantly in size, and that would increase the amount of energy assault that she would be afflicted by. As such, it was better for her to adopt her Fallen Angel form while Tang Wulin led from the front and shielded everyone to the best of his abilities.

With that prior experience under his belt, Tang Wulin forged ahead extremely quickly, withstanding the terrifying energy surging toward them from the front all on his own. However, the energy was omnipresent in this area, and it was buffeting them from all sides.

Everyone had activated their soul power, and Yue Zhengyu slashed his holy sword through the air, casting holy light over everyone aside from Yuanen Yehui. Even though the holy light shattered in an instant, it still bought them a split-second of time, and that was one less split second of this that they had to endure.

Ye Xinglan slashed her Stargod Sword through the air, and specks of starlight surged through the surrounding area. Those specks of starlight also quickly shattered, and were only able to slightly alleviate the pressure.

Everyone was unleashing their abilities while withstanding the agony surging through their bodies and following along closely behind Tang Wulin.

Due to the fact that they were all linked by Astral Chains, Tang Wulin could sense the amount of energy being expended by everyone, and this energy expenditure was evenly distributed among him and his friends. Tang Wulin was leading from the front, and he was expending energy at a far faster rate than when he was making this charge

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