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Tang Wulin could hear what he was saying, but was unable to muster up a reply. He didn't know how to reply, either. All he wanted to do was to direct all of the derogatory terms in the world toward this old bastard.

In the next instant, he slumped to the ground and fell unconscious.

Immediately thereafter, Old Demon Scourge appeared beside Old Demon Nightmare.

"Not bad at all! He's far more durable than I expected. The other two were half-dead after going for only two cycles, but this Tang Wulin lasted three cycles and he still had the energy to curse you three times in his heart just now. He's an exceptional prospect; we should increase the intensity of his training!"

During the next few days, Tang Wulin was almost constantly alternating between being unconscious and being tortured. As soon as he woke up, he would be dragged onto the aircraft by Old Demon Nightmare before being shown all types of extreme aerobatic maneuvers against his will.

After waking up for the second time, he no longer had anything left to throw up, but he was as nauseous as nauseous could be, and as dizzy as dizzy could be.

He finally understood what Nightmare had meant when he'd referred to mental breakdown; Tang Wulin felt as if he were not far away from that point. If all of his predecessors had suffered through the same ordeals, then it was no surprise that the completion rate for this military training was so low.

After what seemed like an eternity, Tang Wulin suddenly discovered that he was able to remain conscious throughout this grueling torture.

Much to his surprise, he discovered that his body had adapted. That's right, no matter what kind of extreme maneuvers the plane performed, he was able to ward off that sense of dizziness. He had already become accustomed to this, and he gradually developed a sense of direction in mid-air. He could see the ocean, he could see the sky, and no matter what maneuvers Old Demon Nightmare performed, he no longer felt nauseous anymore. Furthermore, his condition was steadily improving with every passing flight, and he gradually began to enjoy this activity.

"Let's keep going, Old Demon Nightmare! Ohhh, I get it; you're an old fart, so you're too tired to continue!" Tang Wulin goaded in a vicious manner.

Old Demon Nightmare stuck his hands on his hips as he raised his eyebrows and flared his nostrils. "You little rascal! Are you getting cocky just because you're no longer fainting every two seconds? Why don't you fly the plane instead?"

"Me?" Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. Flying on a plane as a passenger was definitely vastly different from actually flying the plane.

However, when Tang Wulin sat down on the pilot's seat and looked at the control panel, he wasn't fearful or apprehensive in the slightest. Instead, he was very calm and familiar with the sight that he was greeted by.

There was no way for him not to be familiar with these buttons and shafts! Old Dem

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