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Everyone glanced at one another, and Xu Lizhi sighed, "You're not to blame for this, Captain; we've also been neglecting our team training. After entering the inner court, we've been studying under different teachers and striving to better ourselves, so we haven't been training together anywhere near as frequently as we had in the past. It should indeed become a priority for us to improve in this area, especially now that we're all one-word battle armor masters."

Tang Wulin nodded, and said, "You're right. The teamwork that we still have was all developed four years ago. In fact, our synergy is probably even worse than back then because of how rusty we are. The main issue is that we're not familiar with one another's new skills, and that's greatly detrimental to our teamwork. We are Shrek’s Seven Monsters; we're a unified team, a single whole entity; our combined powers should be greater than the sum of our individual powers. Hence, we have to increase the frequency of our team training during this military training period."

Ye Xinglan nodded in response. "I agree."

Everyone also expressed their approval of this course of action.

Thus, Tang Wulin said, "Alright, let's set off then. We have to find a car as quickly as possible. Elder Cai stipulated a 15-day deadline for us, and it's not a long time. On top of that, we encountered that unforeseen incident yesterday, and that's delayed us even further."

Mu Chen had given Tang Wulin a lot of money, and it wasn't enough to buy a car, but it was definitely enough to rent cars. All they had to do was rent a car in this city, then return the car at the branch of the same company in their destination city.

Everyone knew how to drive, so that wasn't an issue, and a seven-seater car was perfect for them. They weren't exactly living the high life, but it was certainly far from uncomfortable in the car.

Xie Xie was responsible for driving while Tang Wulin read the map and gave directions, while everyone else sat in the back.

Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu were still appraising one another like enemies the day before, but they had since become completely inseparable. She hadn't slept well the night before, and the car was traveling quite smoothly, so she quickly fell asleep in Yue Zhengyu's arms.

"At our current speed, even if we drive for over 10 hours a day, it'll still take us four days to get to our destination. As expected, high-speed soul trains really are faster!" Tang Wulin sighed with furrowed brows as he looked down at the map.

"There's no use thinking about that; what if we have another accident? I think we can safely conclude that you and high-speed trains just aren't meant to be, Boss," Xie Xie chuckled.

The rest of the journey was relatively smooth. At the very least, they didn't encounter any evil Soul Masters.

Four days later, they arrived at a seaside city situated in the northeastern region of the continent, Northsea City. After traveling across t

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