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A wry smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. "In that case, this place most likely really is a taboo zone; I can't sense any life force energy from the plants on this island."

They were situated on a patch of flat ground, and not far away from them was an inky-black forest. Tang Wulin quickly made his way over to the forest before pressing his hand against one of the trees. The surface of the tree was icy cold to the touch, and not only was there no life force energy within the tree, it was releasing a powerful burst of deathly aura. If it weren't for Tang Wulin's immense life force and blood essence fluctuations, his body would've been harmed to a certain extent by this deathly energy.

"These trees are all fake. There's no life force energy within them, and they're all as hard as rocks, as if they've been carbonized," Tang Wulin said as his brows furrowed tightly.

Without the presence of natural energies, there was no point in cultivating, so everyone stood up and gathered around Tang Wulin.

Xu Xiaoyan asked, "Captain, if there are no natural energies here, won't our life force also be affected along with our soul power? In other words, will this place affect our blood essence power?"

Tang Wulin replied with a wry smile, "It will. All living things require natural energies to survive. Water and sunlight are the key elements for sustaining life, but they can only sustain life where there is life to begin with. This is a place without any life force energy, so our own life force will constantly dwindle here. We'll be fine if we only stay here for a short time, but if we stay here for too long, we'll be reduced to dried corpses or become carbonized just like those plants."

Everyone's expressions changed drastically upon hearing this.

"What do we do then?" Xie Xie asked in an urgent manner.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and said, "The academy has sent us here to undertake military training, not to kill us, so there must be a way to survive here. On top of that, we still don't know where exactly our military training will take place. Looking down from above, this entire cluster of islands is completely black in color, and so is the surrounding seawater. However, the seawater around 300 meters away from the cluster of islands turns back into a normal color. From that, we can deduce that natural energies should exist in the regions of the sea where the seawater is blue, which means we can go to those areas of the sea to absorb natural energies in order to replenish ourselves."

Ye Xinglan smiled, and said, "You're always so calm; it's very impressive. The situation should be roughly what you deduce it to be."

Tang Wulin replied with a smile, "I'm actually worried as well, but that won't help our cause; we have to remain calm and face the situation we're in. Seeing as we can't absorb natural energies to replenish ourselves here, let's go to the seashore. We've already reached our destination within the designated

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