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The Northsea Legion had to have Shrek Academy alumni among their ranks, and the first thing that Shrek Academy graduates were assured of was a high starting point.

If a Shrek Academy graduate were to join the military, surely they wouldn't start off as a low-ranking soldier. At the very least, they wouldn't be a low-ranking soldier for long before they received promotions. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to graduate from Shrek Academy.

As long as there were connections within the legion, things would be made a lot easier. As for an excuse, Tang Wulin had already thought of one.


The Northsea Legion was founded 1,600 years ago, so it had a very long history. The Northsea Legion was extremely powerful in battles both in the sea, as well as in the air. The legion was split up into three divisions, which consisted of the Northsea Air Battle Division, the Northsea Land Battle Division, and the Northsea Fleet.

The largest of those divisions was the Northsea Fleet, and they were currently in possession of over 30 warships, all of which were situated on the coastline near the base of the Northsea Legion. They were often the main contributors during battles against sea soul beasts. Due to the fact that the sea soul beasts in this region of the sea were virtually the most powerful in the ocean around the entire Douluo Continent, this fleet was also the most powerful among all fleets on the continent. Northsea City may not have any docks or piers, but in terms of battle strength, the Northsea Fleet was definitely superior to the Eastsea Fleet. The Northsea Fleet was even equipped with some weapons that exceeded the boundaries of normal regulations, and there were a total of over 12,000 soldiers in the fleet, as well as over 30,000 assisting employees in all different lines of occupation.

The Northsea Air Battle Division had over 70 planes of different types, and aside from planes, they also had an emergency reaction squad, which was their mecha squad. The federation's air force was comprised entirely of mechas and fighter aircrafts, and those forces were also split up into many military divisions.

As the name suggested, the Northsea Land Battle Division was responsible for battle on land, especially in the form of combating seaside invaders from land. They were mainly equipped with many types of heavy artillery, and they were entirely responsible for Northsea City's coastal defense. They were given the best military equipment by the federation, and were extremely proficient in warding off sea soul beasts.

Most legions prioritized their land battle divisions, and generally have around 30,000 to 40,000 soldiers and employees among their ranks. However, due to the fact that the Northsea Legion required a large number of assisting personnel, there was a total of more than 80,000 people in the entire legion. They were well and truly a massive legion. This was also why military officials in the Northsea Legion were all

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