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A hint of despair appeared on Xu Xiaoyan's face. "I feel so bad! What do we do, Captain?" Her voice was beginning to choke up, as if she were on the verge of bursting into tears.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine. The worst-case scenario is that we'll fail this mission and be forced to accept our punishment. We haven't done anything, so the Northsea Legion won't hurt us even though we've been detained. After all, the academy knows we're here, and we haven't attacked anyone or stolen anything, so we haven't committed any crimes."

The major smiled, and said, "You've made the right decision. Take them away and detain them. Oh, by the way, I graduated from Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy, as did virtually all of the high-ranking officials of the Northsea Legion, so we've always abhorred Shrek Academy. You didn't think that the legion situated in the northeastern region would have such strong ties with the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy in the west, did you? Do you know about the relationship between these two academies?"

How could they not know? Back in the day, Tang Wulin had once led his friends to challenge the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Engineer Academy.

Tang Wulin lowered his head in a resigned and indignant manner. Not only had they walked into a trap, the people that had sprung the trap had a personal vendetta against them as well!

The major continued, "Stop putting on that fake resigned display. I really hate your Shrek Academy, but I can tell you're all definitely inner court disciples, so you must all be one-word battle armor masters to go along with your five-ring cultivation ranks. Don't even think about getting away; I won't give you any chances. No matter what kind of pitiable display you put on, I won't take pity on you. Put some spirit-sealing helmets on them as well; there's no way they'll be able to escape then. With those helmets on, you won't even be able to think, so just take a good nap for about 10 days here, and I promise you that I'll definitely release you at the conclusion of the 10 days. Perhaps you'll be quite hungry by then, but you definitely won't die."

Tang Wulin abruptly raised his head at the sight of the helmets the soldiers were carrying toward them, and a panicked expression appeared on his face. "No, you, you can't do this! You... Argh!"

As soon as the helmet was fitted onto his head, a powerful magnetic field completely scattered his cognitive functions, and he slumped straight to the ground.

Everyone else had had their soul power sealed, so there was no way for them to resist. As such, they were also fitted with the same helmets and fell unconscious as well.

The major shrugged. "This is how things should be. Students of Shrek Academy are all extremely cunning, so I can't give them even the slightest opportunity. These spirit-sealing helmets will completely seal off your minds, so just sleep like good boys and girls. I wonder if your academy will actually e

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