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Ye Xinglan looked up at the sky, and said, "A day has already passed; what do we do next?"

Tang Wulin thought about this for a moment before replying, "Nothing. Let's just stay here and cultivate. All of us aside from Lizhi will undertake guard duty in shifts in groups of two while everyone else cultivates; we'll treat it as if we've gone into seclusion here. The abundance of life force energy here will be very beneficial to our cultivation."

Everyone nodded in response. Even though they'd just suffered through horrendous torture, they had to admit that this was a great place to cultivate. The life force energy in the air was the purest of natural energies, and it complemented their Mysterious Heaven Method very well. The effects of cultivating here were even more pronounced than cultivating on the Sea God's Island.

Xu Lizhi was still feeling quite fearful as he said, "I have a bad feeling that Old Demon Nightmare won't let us off the hook so easily."

Tang Wulin said in a grim voice, "We'll just have to take on whatever he throws at us. Everyone, remember not to eat any of the food or drink any of the water here. Drink the water that we brought with us sparingly, and make sure to be on your guard because they're definitely going to keep messing with us. If we take the initiative and try to seek them out, we're very susceptible to falling into traps as we're very unfamiliar with this place, so we have to wait for them to strike."

"Sounds good!"

Everyone answered before beginning to cultivate.

Tang Wulin's calmness instilled everyone with a lot of confidence.

"What's that?" Xie Xie suddenly pointed up ahead.

Faint yellow mist was gradually surging toward them, and not just from the front; it was coming from all directions.

Tang Wulin hurriedly yelled, "Everyone, hold your breaths!"

As expected, Old Demon Nightmare was playing more tricks on them.

Tang Wulin made a hand signal to Yuanen Yehui as he spoke, and soul rings appeared around her body as she adopted her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She lashed out with her fists, unleashing one Air Cannon blast after another to try and dispel the yellow mist around them.

However, right at this moment, a vast amount of yellow also began to rise up from underfoot, and all seven of them were quickly inundated.

In the instant before he fell unconscious, Tang Wulin's final thought was that they shouldn't have stayed at this place as Old Demon Nightmare had been the one who had led them here!

All seven of them slumped to the ground and quickly fell unconscious.

The yellow mist dissipated, and two figures appeared beside them.

Old Demon Scourge wore a wide smile on his face, and Old Demon Nightmare also wore a sinister grin.

"These little brats think they can outsmart me! Hehe! It's time to teach them a lesson," Old Demon Nightmare said in a cold voice.

Old Demon Scourge urged, "Alright, stop wasting time; let's see what these little gu

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