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A disdainful look appeared on Old Demon Nightmare's face. "We ARE ghosts; do you think I'll be scared of you as a ghost? Your threats are pointless, so why don't you do something useful? What should I make you do? Hmm, how about this? Go to the Northsea Legion base again and steal another aircraft for me."

For some reason, Tang Wulin was rather relieved to hear this condition. At the very least, it wasn't an impossible task.

"I can do that, but the problem is, I don't know how to fly a plane," Tang Wulin said in a grim voice.

Old Demon Nightmare replied, "That's simple! I'll teach you!"

"You'll teach me?" Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this.

An old demon who had lived on this island for over 1,000 years knew how to fly a plane?

Old Demon Nightmare continued, "You shouldn't doubt my abilities, and you certainly shouldn't doubt my intelligence. Sigh, there are fewer and fewer things that are of interest to us now. Come on, I'll teach you to fly a plane, and after that, you can steal one for me."

Tang Wulin had no choice. 20 minutes later, he was greeted by the sight of an aircraft. It was none other than the convertible Skyglide 17 aircraft that they'd flown to this island on.

Tang Wulin suddenly realized a problem as he looked at the soul plane before him. "Even if I learn how to fly a plane and fly back to the legion base on this plane, there's no way for me to fly two planes back at once by myself!"

Old Demon Nightmare already had a solution prepared. "Who's asking you to fly two planes by yourself? I'll send you back to the legion, then you can fly an aircraft back here again. I'll send you back to the legion base in the exact same manner that you came to our demonic island."

"Huh?" Tang Wulin stared at him with a flabbergasted expression. How had they arrived at the demonic island? They'd descended straight from the sky! He was going to return to the Northsea Legion base in the same manner? He'd immediately get caught by all of their military radars! How was he supposed to steal a plane if he were to be detained as soon as he arrived at the base?

"Don't be so surprised; think of a way yourself. You managed to steal one plane from the Northsea Legion base already, surely you can steal another one. Alright, that's enough chit-chat; get on the plane."

Old Demon Nightmare had already made his way over to the aircraft as he spoke, and he waved a hand through the air, summoning a black staircase that led straight up to the cockpit. Tang Wulin couldn't sense any soul power fluctuations emanating from his body, so he had no idea how those stairs had been willed into existence.

Old Demon Nightmare got onto the plane first, and Tang Wulin sat down on the co-pilot's seat.

"I'll give you a brief crash course, then take you to experience the joy of flying." A sly sinister look flashed through Old Demon Nightmare's eyes as he spoke. Thus, he gave Tang Wulin a simple explanation of how soul

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