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Tang Wulin had naturally heard of a spiritual domain in the past, but he had never seen one before.

"This is what a spiritual domain feels like," Long Yeyue said as her eyes suddenly began to glow. In Tang Wulin's eyes, he felt as if Long Yeyue's eyes had become a pair of dazzling stars that were almost too bright to look directly into.

Immediately thereafter, everything around him seemed to have become a starry sky that he was situated in. The surrounding area was completely abstract and ethereal, and he could see everything, but it was all beyond his reach.

In the next instant, he was struck by a strong sense of asphyxiation, as if he had suddenly been teleported into outer space, where there was a vacuum of both air and elemental particles.

Tang Wulin's bloodline fluctuations immediately became more powerful on their own, and a golden layer of dragon's repulse appeared around his body to alleviate his discomfort somewhat, but no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to detect any elemental particles in the surrounding area.

Just as he was feeling stunned by this sudden development, the starry sky around him suddenly turned into a dream-like rainbow world. All of the elements that had vanished earlier suddenly returned with a vengeance, and extremely rich bursts of elemental particles surged toward him from all directions.

However, these elements didn't flow into his body. Instead, they all seemed to be filled with rage and repulsion toward him, and their objective seemed to be to drive him out of this world.

The dragon's repulse around Tang Wulin's body began to fluctuate violently, and his body also began to sway. If it weren't for his immensely powerful physical constitution, he felt as if he would've been torn to shred by these elements already.

In the next instant, all of the elements of different colors quickly converged to form a tornado, and the only elements that remained were of the light and darkness attributes.

Elder Long appeared at what seemed like the edge of the heavens with light and darkness elements revolving around her, creating a terrifying storm of light and darkness. This feeling of something being able to destroy the entire world was something that Tang Wulin had only felt in the face of those Godslayer missiles.

During this entire process, he was completely powerless. His immense spiritual power was completely unable to control the outside world, and it couldn't even take him out of this world.

"Roar!" Tang Wulin couldn't help but let loose a thunderous dragon's roar that was filled with powerful dragon's might, but the storm of light and darkness continued to ravage the dragon's might around him, resulting in a very painful experience.

Was this the power of a Limit Douluo? This was just the pressure from her spiritual power alone!

Back when he had unleashed that All or Nothing attack against Elder Long, he had been aware that she had intentionally displayed signs

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