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Tang Wulin chuckled, "Quit stuttering! Are you surprised?"

Yue Zhengyu had already rushed forward and was closely inspecting Lan Muzi in fear that he had simply misidentified this man to be Lan Muzi.

"Are you really not dead? Are you sure you're not a ghost?" Yue Zhengyu asked in a flabbergasted manner.

Lan Muzi didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. "Are you that eager for me to become a ghost? Don't worry, I'm alive and well."

Tang Wulin couldn't bear to watch any longer, and he gave Lan Muzi an apologetic glance before dragging Yue Zhengyu into the room.

Inside the room, Long Yeyue and Wu Zhangkong were currently discussing the first batch of students to be sent to the demonic island. Wu Zhangkong rose to his feet first, followed by Long Yeyue, and both of them bowed slightly toward Tang Wulin in unison. "Pavilion Master."

Yue Zhengyu hadn't thought much of it when Lan Muzi had referred to Tang Wulin as pavilion master, but he was completely stunned that Wu Zhangkong and Long Yeyue were doing the same thing.

"Elder Long! Teacher Wu!" Yue Zhengyu became even more emotional than Tang Wulin had been when he had first been reunited with Wu Zhangkong. He had already had his suspicions when he saw Lan Muzi, but as soon as he caught sight of Wu Zhangkong, his emotions immediately overflowed.

He hadn't grown up under Wu Zhangkong's watchful eye like Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Xu Xiaoyan, and Gu Yue had, but he had still been Wu Zhangkong's student for many years. Now that Wu Zhangkong had essentially risen from the dead as far as he was concerned, there was no way that he could repress his own emotions.

Tears gushed out of his eyes almost instantly, and he charged over to Wu Zhangkong before giving him a massive hug and bursting into sobs.

A faint smile appeared on Wu Zhangkong's perpetually cold face. Even though Tang Wulin had already told him that Yue Zhengyu was alive, he was still filled with emotions by this reunion, and even as he was smiling, there were tears welling up in his eyes.

Only after losing something did one realize just how important that thing was.

Long Yeyue nodded at Tang Wulin before turning to Yue Zhengyu with a pleased look in her eyes.

She was the Light Dark Douluo, and in terms of cultivation base, even Atlas Douluo Yun Ming may not have been a match for her. Furthermore, she controlled the power of light, so she could naturally sense the virtually substantial light elements swirling around Yue Zhengyu's body. It was as if his entire being were constructed from light elements. For a Soul Master with the Holy Angel martial soul, becoming a Soul Sage was a massive milestone that granted a qualitative power boost, which was why Yue Zhengyu was so confident in his current abilities.

Not only had he become a Soul Sage, he had also completed the extremely arduous second holy cleansing of the Holy Angel clan. This was an extremely rare occurrence even in the history of the en

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